Let’s see. What has happened since August 7th….that was a little over a week ago. Just barely.

I went to GenCon last weekend. We went kind of late in the afternoon, but it was still plenty of time too look around, and discover I didn’t want to buy anything. There weren’t even any good T-shirts! I think that they changed the schedule of when the costume contest was, because it was on Saturday this year. It was great because there were *so* many freaks walking about dressed up. I saw some pretty great costumes and some pretty awful ones. My picture documentary of running into people was very small this year compared to last year. Once I develop this lastest batch of film I will post it (I have a picture or two left to take). Basically I ran into Leif and Rebekah (all dressed up!), Chad B., Tim’s friends Vicky, Dimitri and the other guy, kind of looked for Xtian but didn’t find him. And I think that is about it. Small group.

After nerd watching for an hour, we met up with Chad B, and went to eat the Rock Bottom, where Tim’s brother Ben showed up. I had fish and chips, it was good. It was also a very nice converstation with good company. Afterward we went to Ben’s, and plans fell through so we ended up at YNot II, until bartime. The next morning we went to visit Rev. Benninghoff, and took him out to lunch. I realized that day, that Denny’s is a sad, sad little resturant. Perkins and Country Kitchen are so much better. We had a nice visit and saw their latest dog…a miniture Datuschund named Schottse (that spelling may be a little off). Anyway, it’s a cute little dog. OH, I saw two more pugs that weekend too, and decided I have a real affection for pugs. All because of Sigrid’s dog Schnitzel (not its real name).

This week has been going by pretty slowly. I got an email from Melissa R. today! She’s back in Maryland, and I am going to call her this afternoon and see what she has been up too. I am little excited about that. I called my Mom the other day and she said Shane came back home and got the big TV. Yah for him. What else….working on writing emails to those I haven’t spoken to in awhile. Beadweaving (literally…I figured out to do the old fashioned method of beading that actually weaves the beads…no needles. I am excited, I don’t know anyone who knows this style, other than my Mom who figured it out by taking apart an real old piece of bead work. I will talk about it later….give a little demonstration that kind of thing.)

I also think I will work on my website a bit. It needs a change. This upcoming weekend I might go out with Mr Coldwar on Friday. Saturday is a dinner party with Mike and Rachal. Other than that… next weekend is the big camping trip. Looking forward to that.

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