Cheated? Me?? (See comment two entries ago). No! I thought I mentioned that I was so tired I forgot to hit post….and then this morning I had some publishing problems so…yeah.

ANYWHO…guess where I am? If you guessed the Super 8 in Menonomie then you are correct! We have wireless access, so I will be able to keep my pledge of posting every day. ROCK! *pats self on the back* So I am sitting here, enjoying a glass of wine in a plastic cup and cookie out of the cookie tray that I made for ourselves and checking the internet. It’s a slow day, so I got to the posting right quick. Since we are in this hotel for three nights for Christmas, I decided to make it cozy. When I was making the cookie trays/plates, I made sure to make a little one for ourselves, a chocolate bar, and some liqueur chocolates and two bottles of wine. One of which is that infamous Door County Christmas Wine that I see commercials for all over the place. I’m saving that one for Monday or Sunday night. :)

So we left Madison about 2.30 and got to Andrew and Lori’s at about 4:00 and stayed until 7:00. We had such a nice visit with them. Alex and Andrew both actually started talking near the end! Amazing. Lori, of course, is a great host and introduced me to the wonders of coconut creme creamer. Oh my god…it’s like eating pie and drinking coffee at the same time. I HAVE to find myself some. We exchanged gifts — and seemed liked they liked their presents. It’s so hard to figure out what to get so many people … it’s like our gift list is actually bigger when my Mom get’s Christmas, because of the trek up north and all the brilliant people we just have to visit along the way. I mean, when I think about it, this is the most I ever gotten…well the most for the most people anyway: Andrew, Alex, Cody, Lori/Frank, Dad/Barb, Mom, Shane, Ditto, Josh, Frank, Hilary, Leta, Mina, Hilary/Jason, Jessie, Curtis, Dean, Becca, Lucas, Tim, Amy, Rhyse, Dane and Janet. That is a big list, in my opinion.

They gave us gifts! It’s amazing how much I appreciate the thought that our friends and family give us when they give us stuff. I never expect anything in return (probably from growing up with rarely getting anything), so it’s so cool when we do get things. I mean, they are total icing on the cake, and everything seems really wonderful. I mean, I am pretty happy with my haul so far. Lori gave me some lemon something hand lotion that makes your hands feel so very soft and good smelling (perfect because I have begun to be afflicted with dry skin and I have no lotion in the house), a blue glass pendent (I can’t remember the last time someone has given me jewelry … I think it was a necklace that Amy made me three years ago), stamps, and ….get this….and….I mentioned that I wanted to play Kingdom Hearts II for a while now…and Alex went into his bedroom and produced the very game! They said I could borrow it…how freaking awesome is that? I can’t wait to get home and get started on it. I have been itching for a video game for *quite* awhile. :) And I have free time next weekend to play now that all the preparation for Christmas is done…all we have left to do is the good stuff…the visiting. It’s this time that makes all that hard work worth it.

Not to mention the booty that I got from Hilary — Amy Sedaris’s party book, a journal and the kitchen type stationary, the Helium Vola CD from Tim, the War on Z and awesome skirt I got myself…man, it could end now and I’d be happy.

Anyway. Tomorrow is our visit with Myrna and possibly Melinda (an old high school friend that I haven’t seen in 15 years…IF she calls me), and stop by my Mom’s place to drop off some food. Other than that, I want to take it easy and possibly go and see Night at the Museum at the theater. I have been wanting to see that movie since I first saw a preview for it a month ago.

I’m getting pretty long winded here…it might be the bottle of wine that Tim and I killed going straight to my head. I had a pretty light dinner of jello, a bite of smoked salmon, a piece of cheese and four pieces of small raisin bread….oh and a cookie.

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