Finally home. I should really do a big update … but I’m kind of tired and just want to veg out. At the same time I am not quit sure just …what to do. I mean, I know have unlimited amounts of free time…(or at least it feels like it)…should I:

A. Watch TV
B. Read World War Z
C. Play Kingdom Hearts II
D. Catch up on the internet/livejournal, wazika…

See? Too many good choices. I am also hungry but I am in no mood to cook. I wish a tater tot casserole would just appear in the oven, all cooked and ready to eat. We did have breakfast at 1:00 this afternoon …. and I dumped a pot of coffee on my lap – thank god for a change of clothes. But that was a long time ago, also all the riding in the car gave me a kink my back. I hate kinks.

Yeah…I’ll update at work. What else is that for? ;)

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