Edit: this was my post from yesterday – which I posted in the wrong journal as Laima pointed out:


I want to read all about your weekend tomorrow night, after you have had enough time to recover from your hangover and post.

Myself? I am (first time ever) designated driver tonight! WOOO! I got lots of cool drink for myself: starbucks frappacino, diet Rock Star, Sobe Orange Crush drink and a diet coke. We also made deviled eggs for tonight’s party, and will bring along some irish liqueur chocolates, a bottle of champaign and drinks for the Hildog and Tim (beer and wine I am guessing).

Last night at the Inferno was fun. I danced to 22 songs! Tim danced to 20 and we even got Lowen in on the action and she danced 12. I mean, this is … like stuff we haven’t done since early college. I drank lots of PBR and for some reason this time — I didn’t really get drunk. Oh well, I guess I’d rather have felt okay for this day which was spent sleeping in, and on the couch playing Kingdom Hearts all day. Now *that* is what I call a weekend. A lazy day. Oh it’ nice. I didn’t even bother to go with Tim and walk the dog.

I am a little nervous about being designated driver…but you know what? Aside from stalling every now and then, I am a good driver. I can do this. Now to go and get ready…I have no idea of what to wear. None.

See you on the flip side! Just think after today, I am no longer required to post every day. I bet you’ll miss it.

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