I did so well driving last night that Tim couldn’t stop raving! He was like “Who IS this Laura that can drive? When did this happen? I can’t believe this…” etc. I have to admit I was pretty good and I think it’s because of my method doing a little bit of driving every week and building up the confidence. :)

Being designated driver was interesting…and I drank way too many energy drinks — man when we got home at 3.30 I had to take two benedryl to even HOPE to get to sleep. Which I did, and have since even take a nap. We watched the Butterfly Effect and soon I imagine Tim will get bored of watching Ultimate Ninja Warrior and go off to the computer to play.

That party was a ton of fun, and Tim and I spent a good portion of it playing Guitar Hero. I think I was getting pretty good …and of course looked like a freaking rock star next to all the drunk folks. :) We had champagne at midnight, made lots of noise and had the police come and tell us to tone it down. Good was good….yeah…all around good.

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