I updated the links a little today. I guess I don’t have all that many friends with webspace that they want to show off. Oh well.

I almost took a personal day today. Almost. Tim and I stayed in bed until we had to be out the door in 10 minutes. We didn’t want to leave. Just stay home. IT’s a beautiful, gorgeous day too. Sunny, cool end of summer niceness. But then I would have just stayed inside and let it all go to waste, which is really no different than me sitting here and letting it all go to waste.

Last night I was reading my one of my grandmother’s journals. It is the last one that she wrote in, and stopped writing in it in 1991. One entry. I am just struck by how lonely she was and how few friends she had. Friends that were…real friends that would stop by and visit, send a card, pick her up for church, go rummage shopping, etc. My little ol’ grandma was out in the middle of the woods for about twenty years, occasionally shooting porcupines, groundhogs, and raccoons while waiting for the mailman. She was very sad that she had no children living by her (for many years). You could say my Dad was, but he was still in his drinking phase up until about 1991 or 92, and just caused her more grief and was out most of the time with various girlfriends. But then, my brothers moved back there for awhile…and my Dad did clean up his act, and Andrew came along….so she did have company near the end. I wasn’t doing much in high school, I should have convinced my Mom to let me go live there for the summers. But then there was the war with my Mom and Dad, and I would have been *such* a traitor to go and live with Dad, after my brothers had already done it and thereby completely abandoning my Mom.

So I felt lonely last night. First I made dinner, and then I decided to clean up and organize my stationary table. I went through all the cards, and have the paper and letters to sort now, then I am all done. It was looking so much better by the time I went to bed. I finished my letter to my Mom, and gave Tim a card to send to his Dad for his birthday, and sent my brother his birthday letter/card late to my Mom to give to him (I was waiting to see if that church he goes to would give me the address of the co-op he lives in, but those hippies can seem to use a computer).


Here I am at work.

Not working.

Camping is going to be fun…we are going to Kettle Moraine. I will take pictures and they will be here. On this site…soon. The event still has to happen first. Dig?

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