Today was pretty good. I did some chores around the house (I had to implement my “to-do” list to get things done … you know things like:

1. Take a shower.
2. Get dressed.
3. Open curtains.
4. Make the bed.
5. Bring up a christmas box from the basement.

This is was my actual first list. Bonus items that I did:

Changed the sheets on the bed, and brought down the suitcase, swept the basement hallways floor (while I was down there) and then brought up the box (plus 3 more). Since the first list was so successful, I made another and did bigger things like the dishes, washing the counter off, putting the dishes away and making nachos supreme (from the leftover taco’s from last night). Off and on and through the day I have played lots of Kingdom Hearts.

At 3:00 I decided that it looked nice out, and that a walk to enjoy the sun would be good. I asked Tim if he wanted to go on a walk to the lake and he said yes (with a little persuading). We walked to the lake, then to Java Cat for a cup of coffee and walked home. It was a little nippier than I expected, but by the end of the walk I wasn’t cold any more. As soon as we got back to the house we turned around and headed out to see Children of Men (a movie I had wanted to see for various of reasons). It was good, thought provoking, dark, and to the average american, probably unsatisfactory. But I liked it, as did Tim. I like Clive Owen — he and Gerard Butler could be interchangeable.

After the movie, I used the bathroom (I HATE it when I have to go to the bathroom 20 minutes into the start of the movie. I had even tried to avoid it by using the facilities before we stepped foot into the room…damn), then headed home where we had a nice long chat about that and other things. We made a sandwich for dinner and then had a few cocktails. Now I am about ready for bed. Tomorrow is a trip to Waupun to take down missing dog posters (as per the Sheriff’s request) and look for the remaining of the two dogs. I doubt the dog is in town anymore, otherwise there would have been a sighting. BUT…it’s a good opportunity for me to do some more driving. I am getting quite adept at it.

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