What is it about pain relief that makes you sleepy? The midol I took this morning wasn’t cutting it, so I went and got some extra strength tylenol and now…no pain, but I feel like I am barely awake! I feel like a bit of a zombie….speaking of which….

Last night we rewatched the remake of War of the Worlds…and this time stopped it when it SHOULD have ended — the alien coming out of the ship and dying. Upon watching it a second time, it’s still a good movie and one of my favorite scenes is when they were on the road to the ferry, and the rail road crossing sign came down and a train flew by, completely on fire. I loved it!

It got me thinking about the most striking scene in another favortie movie — the remake of Dawn of the Dead — in the beginning when the car is driving on the highway and gets hits full on by an out-of-control truck that slams both of them into a gas station where it all blows up.

What is it about these two images that strike me so? The out of control, vehicles of doom…? I’ll have to think about it.

In other news, I got new shoes.

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