Friday we went out to eat at a place in Middleton called Captain Bill’s for some seafood, wine and birthday celebrating for our friend Laima. Then we headed over to the Ale Asylum and discovered that Laima loves por…er Stout beer. :) Heh. Anyway, crab is some pretty awesome food. I wish it was more … available.

Saturday, I didn’t get dressed and schlumped around the house all day in my jammies, a fluffy bathroom, my socks, and slippers, and a throw. I watched TV, I crocheted, I napped, I read — finished Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris and discovered that David and Amy are related. I wondered why Hilary has such a love for the greeks all of a sudden. It was one of those books that takes a little getting into, but once you get going, it’s great. Next up is Infoquake….by someone or other. I’ll start it tonight when I am finished with this. We watched Rome (disc 2).

Sunday, I did manage to take a shower and get dressed. I watched Handmaid May (disc one), Shall We Dance and To Catch a Falling Star, while hating the crochet instructions for a pair of slippers, and trying to decipher it. Eventually we left the house and headed to Borders where we both bought CD’s. I got one of the Cirque De Soliel (…uh, I can’t think of the name right now … not delerium or that clown one, and I already own Ka) because it has more of that instrumental/new age/world sound that I loves in my music. Tim got something that I didn’t get the name of, and we headed over to Panera for some soup and sandwiches for dinner. They had this Sobe Lean Diet tea (cranberry and grapefruit) that was really good, but it was advertised as “1 carb!” which then made us suspicious. So what if it has one carb…what about sugar? I need to look this up…..well DAMN! It was only five calories. I liked that stuff….I should have had more. Especially since I am not really fond of Diet Pepsi.

Anyway, it strikes me that January has been exceptionally …. lazy for me. I have spent a LOT of time on the couch, bonding with the TV and my creative mind (which is a rocky relationship). I want to find the perfect craft/hobby – but nothing is really popping in there…I have been all over the place instead. Which is not a bad thing. No. I have also been reading, playing video games and …did I mention TV? I feel like there is a saggy part on the couch that shows where I have been sitting….I need to move the cushions around. ;) OH wait, I have been keeping up … kind of? Okay. I have written 3 pieces of mail so far…but hey that is more than I did last month (not including xmas cards). I think I will do some writing tomorrow because I don’t have to work. I know, I will be making up for all this missed time at the end of this month, working more days during the week. But for right now, I can enjoy this endless …oh crap. I said I would work on Wednesday? That means I have Tuesday off too!

My god. I need to whip up some bon bons, and get a Soap Opera guide for dummies.

Alright, I gotta sheppard my husband to bed, because if I don’t he’ll stay up too late — and unlike me, he has to work tomorrow.

Well, I have to work. You know, the dishes are piled high and the…blah blah blah.


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