I’ve had a lot of time to slack this month. It’s been nice, but at the same time I think I’m getting a little antzy. But that’s a good thing…right? It’s when you have time + energy = wacky things get done. Most of my wackiness have been misadventures in crocheting while watching endless hours of crappy TV. Highlights this weekend include: Fat Like Me, To Catch a Falling Star, Shall We Dance, My Five Wives, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Rome, Handmaid May, the Today show, 1.5 hours of News AND the Daily Show, and Colbert Report. Whew!

I guess I am waiting for the TV schedule to get back to normal before I get back to normal. Battlestar and Hero’s starts this weekend…so that is a start. I should also get back into doing Taekwondo … I took November – Jan off …. and could honestly take some more time off and make the pursuit of a black belt into a warmer months endeavor. That might help me to not get burned out with it too (like I currently am). So yeah, I am still uncertain of what I want to do — but I do need to seriously start working out again, otherwise I’ll lose all the gain I made in the Fall (If I haven’t already).

This weekend, we had this conversation about remembering our earliest birthday’s. I was amazed that everyone remembered their first birthday between the ages of 4-7! Jeez, it was really strange to realize that the first birthday I could remember, was when I was 17. Well, that isn’t completely true, I did remember my 16th birthday– one memory. I had gotten up, and the house was in flux — no else was up, and my Mom had made this crocheted doll, that was hanging on the line in the kitchen to dry. I still have it, although it’s dirty now and a dog got to it last year…but it was the only thing I got that year, I had no cake, and I believe I went to school and didn’t tell anyone. So…yeah, that was my first birthday memory, but with memories like that I didn’t want to bring the group down. However, it does emphasize that celebrating birthdays wasn’t that big of a deal for me growing up. I do however, remember all of my birthdays from 17 on – every single one.

I took me a long time to realize that the celebrations of birthday is important to other people, and I do my best to remember, but I can’t remember all the time. :/ I feel like I should get some birthday disabled rights — cut me a little slack. Oh well, it’s always a worthy goal to try and remember everyone’s birthday’s…. and ongoing. :)

I should be shoveling outside today – but I am kind of hoping that if I wait long enough the neighbors will at least snow blow the side walk. I’ll give it until 1:00 before I head out there myself to do something.

I think I need to make a to-do list for today. Give the day some structure. Yeah. I was going to post pictures but my batteries were completely dead in my camera so I have to recharge them enough to turn on the camera and upload. Maybe tomorrow. I have tomorrow off too. I’ll pay the bills today….and then have oodles of time for it tomorrow morning (or not, sometimes having the mail come is motivation to get them all done). Um, yeah, I was thinking about starting a letter to someone, but if this post is an indication of things to come…then the letter is going to totally suck. Nah…no it won’t. I’ll have a letter to respond too to give me some structure. Yeah, that’s a great idea! I’m totally gonna do that.

Oh, and I need to bring up toilet paper from the basement, and maybe make some more coffee.

Also, Migo is the most adorable cat ever. EVER!

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