Today as a pretty good day. It started off rocky with a painful procedure at the doctor’s but got better when I rewarded myself and Tim with mocha’s (and a chocolate muffin for me). I came home, took a three hour nap and then got up to check the mail and try to wake up.

The mail was effin’ AWESOME!

There was new Good Housekeeping, a CD: Gotan Project (I love it!), and a package!! My friend Lori sent me the following items:

-white California sage
-garnet chips
-an adorable notebook
-pink shoelaces!!
-Rosequartz crystal necklace
-passport holder
-jade bracelet from Tibet (I am wearing it now and LOVE it)
-stationary (she said for my swap….does this mean …er, Lori, does this mean ou want some stationary back, because I got plenty! I don’t want to junk up your house more if you are intent on clearing it out though….let me know. Getting stationary is awesome!)
-a nice little note describe contents

OH man. That really made my day. I felt like a queen. I love being able to wear jewerly that doesn’t corrode my skin.

I have the best friends ever. Seriously, folks, I do.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning the living room, kitchen and making dinner. Laima said to me the other day that she liked it when I posted my cooking diasters/triumphs. Most of this month as been a culinary dud for me, but tonight’s dinner was good. So was last nights for that matter. Anyway, tonight’s dinner was a recipe given to me by my coworker. It’s great.

Potato Deluxe
2lb frozen hash browns
1 cup onion, chopped
1 can cream of chicken (or whatver)
8 oz sour cream (I used light)
1 stick butter or margarine (I only used half a stick and it was fine)
1 cup shredded cheese (I used cheddar)
2 tsp salt

Mix it all up, and put in a pan. Bake at 350 for an hour.


If you divide the whole pan by:
four = 725 calories per serving
six = 483 calories
eight = 362

We divided it by eight, and then I boiled some frozen califlower to fill it out. We split the bag, because as far as I am concerned, you can eat as many effin’ vegetables as you want.

After dinner, we walked Pluto, and came back to play some Guitar Hero we got last night. I told Tim he could get it if also used our gift card to buy the Border’s Balance Ball (that comes with a DVD and book). While Tim played Guitar Hero, I did chapter two — the areobic work out. I figure I’ll just go through each chapter and do whatever it is they are working on, and alternate that with the elastic band/resistence tube workout I create, and stretching sessions. I also been making time to just dance around the the house for 10 minutes at time.

Man, that ball … it’s such a good idea. I am kind of sorry I resisted it for so long. It’s easy on my rotten knees and I get to really work out and feel it.

Well, I gotta go help Tim make some deviled eggs. He volunteered to bring that to a work potluck tomorrow.

OH and don’t forget to remind me that I need to renew my domain — otherwise there will be troubles…

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