I’m having a hard time staying focused today. It’s Monday though, so what do you really expect? SO…let’s make it productive by posting today, shall we?

I had a really good weekend, starting out with after work beer with our friend Oliver at the Come Back Inn. They have a great happy hour special of any tap beer for 3$, and they don’t have crappy beer — until 6:00. The free popcorn and peanuts rock. Then we went home, took a nap, play guitar hero, had a drink, indulged myself in lots of internet and then went to bed.

Saturday, I watched Kinky Boots and LOVED it. My god, I watched the last scene 8 times in row. I laughed so hard, during parts, that I cried. I love this movie. Put it on your netflix people!

After that we got dressed, and ran a few errands before heading over to Hilary’s. We returned their massive TV that we borrowed for karoake at the Xmas party. Man that thing is a beast. NEVER AGAIN! I stayed at Hilary’s to bum around with them for the afternoon, evening and dinner…:) It was fun. I played Wii, open faced cribbage, had some dinner, got me some awesome presents. It hard to pick a favorite — I already used one of the glade scented oil/candles later Saturday night while listening to Enya and Cirque De Soliel music and cuddling with animals while writing letters….I love the wysteria body spray that I used last night after showering, I love the tshirty material type jacket thing I am wearing today, I love the assorted bert bee’s shimmer lip balms that I am also wearing today….you see? It’s all being used. It’s great! People should send/give me stuff all the time. :)

I had to make Tim a wishlist for my birthday because he said he is struggling this year. I did, so we’ll see what I get. Almost 50% of it was kitchen stuff.

OH OH I forgot to mention the best thing I got this weekend! A NEW microwave. Well, new to me. I think it’s 2-3 years old, it has buttons, it has a clock, and there are rumors that it can make popcorn! Finally I get can rid of that beast of a microwave that an old roommate gave me years back. It defrosts so well….

Let’s see…Sunday it snowed a lot. SO Tim and I walked to Woodman’s to get trashbags and wine. Walked back, took Pluto for a walk and by the time we got back from that we were exhausted! Going through that snow was tough work. But instead we got shovels and cleaned the snow out of the driveway and sidewalk. After that I started dinner – chili (I’ll give you my half assed recipe) and corn bread (an idea I stole from Hilary), took a shower, watched The Dresden Files and Battlestar before heading to bed. It was a VERY nice day. I got all my exercise quota’s for the weekend.

OKay so that Chili, I usually make it with however much garlic and onions I have on hand.

2-3 onions
1 head garlic
1 lb ground turkey (or beef, for you rich folks)
5 dried red peppers cut up
Saute everything together.

In big pot dump:

1 BIG can (26 or 32 oz?) crushed tomatos
1 big can of stewed tomatos
1 can chili beans (or if you don’t have it, use another can of kidney beans)
1 can light kidney beans (drained)
1 bag (1 lb)of frozen corn (thawed)
2-3 tbsps of chili power
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
paprika – couple shakes
cayenne pepper – couple shakes
garlic salt – couple shakes

*couple shakes = however much you think looks good

Bring to boil. Then add the meat/onions/garlic stuff. Bring that to boil, stirring frequently. After boil is reached, cover and simmer for 1-2 hours.

There you have it.

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