I had an AWESOME birthday week! I have the bestest friends ever!

After a nice middle eastern lunch, I went home walked Pluto and then took a nap to try to warm up. My feet freeze at the office and it sets the tone for my body temperature the rest of the day. Tim came home and we ate the most wonderfully, delicious tender juicy rotisserie chicken ever. Seriously, I doubt I have ever had such good chicken in my life. Tim also got some sides from Popeye’s – biscuits, mashed taters and gravy and some coleslaw. We scarfed that food down and then bundled up and headed out the door to fit in the first ice skating of the year — the olbrich rink had finally opened up. The skating was nice, a little rocky but I didn’t fall.

After that, we headed over to Laima’s where I played Cranium with: Laima, Hilary, her brother Shannon, Birke, Ryan, Stephanie, Tim and me. It was perfect. Hilary and Ryan won, but it was a close match. We had the greatest cake ever, it was beautifully decorated, and was layeder with coconut creme, frosting, chocolate, coffee…oh man was it good. You can bet Tim and I polished it off the next day. A big slice for breakfast and a big slice after we got home ice skating with Laima.

It got some awesome stuff: soap from Sarah, soap from Laima, LED lights, post cards, stationary, a old time sifter, chocolate, coffee, peach body lotion, soap and bubble bath, cozy crochet kit, more stationary, two shirts, glade scented candles, The Book of Secrets, a spoon/ladle holder, bert bee’s lipstick variety pack (great!), and…the stuff Lori sent me, several birthday cards, several calls,…it was such a good birthday. Thanks everyone. :)

Tonight we went skating once again. It was the roughest ice ever because it was so warm today and the hockey kids roughed it up, but it was also good for learning how to skate backwards, do spins, etc. I fell twice, but that was okay because they were gentle falls. We plan on skating every night while possible. It’s going to be cold again for the next week, so that is entirely possible. I find that I really like ice skating. It’s meditative.

This weekend we plan on being mellow. Skating, dog walking. I am working on a new crochet project. I try to take a picture of the one I just finished and start posting again in my craft blog. I’ve been SUCH a slacker on that. So much so, that I don’t post anything because I feel guilty about it. That’s not the solution. I should suck it up and just do it.

Also, I had Chicken McNuggets today and they were NOT good. For some reason I was thinking they would taste like chicken tenders. Not the case. In fact, I don’t think I ever need to eat chicken McNuggets for the rest of my life. Okay. Some pictures.

First, this is what I look like every day. Tim said I look like a Thug. The second picture is the Birthday Cake decorated by Hilary and made by Laima. What a team, they should start a cake shop. :)

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