It’s so easy to skip showers, especially in the winter. I should take one … right now in fact. But what am I doing instead? I decided that I absolutely NEEDED to have rice pudding – even though I have only had it once in my life before and it was from Woodman’s. It just seems like a great idea.

I am popping some popcorn in my awesome new microwave! I love that thing. To think I gimped along this long that old beast of a machine. Man.

Tonight we are going to see Pan’s Labyrinth, but before that we are going to eat dinner: tuna casserole and baked rice pudding, then Tim will walk Pluto while I go grocery shopping, then we will both go skating and then head off to the movie.

Today I went to work, came home and shoveled snow, ate some chocolate and am not cooking rice and waiting for Ellen to come (unless Oprah is good….but that is so rare these days).

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