What makes a blog interesting?

To discover that answer, I thought about what I like in other blogs. Okay, lets take a sample look at some of the subjects written about in an average blog.

Blog 1: Update on what they did last night, has some great introspective ideas on themselves and the meaning of life.

Blog 2: One word repeated five times “panda”

Blog 3: Update on home improvement project (finishing basement).

Blog 4: Pictures of recent sketches

Blog 5: Thoughts on gender and sex, highly academic with lots of references to books I’ll never read.

Blog 6: Advertising for: Band or DJ

Blog 7: Opinions of recent television shows and winning bid on ebay.

Blog 8: Reprinted news article from slate.com, cnn or some other newsfeed.

Blog 9: Wonderfully written update on the person’s day, complete with dialogue.

Blog 10: Year in review and what they hope happens in new year.

Now….when I look at this sampling, I think, what are my favorites? Quite honestly, it’s the humorously written update on the person’s day, followed by plain updates of goings on, the year in review and television opinions (especially if I have seen the show). I like the blogs that are personable and treat me like a commarade. A friend. It talks to me like a letter would.

I also like insightful observations on everyday life, adventures in cooking, experiments in clothing/cleaning/anything — because it’s living, breathing, creative problem solving. I like to see how your mind ticks —why you decided to see if pouring a can of Coke in your toilet would really clean it, or what you did you when you realized you forgot to sew arms holes in that remade t-shirt.

I like honesty. I like pictures. I like stories. I like announcements. I like links to genuinely funny stuff. I like finished crafts projects, especially if it’s mixed in with how your day went. I like seeing how my mortal enemies are doing without them knowing I care.

The ones I like the least? I don’t know about you, but personally I don’t like to be “taught.”

For example, I don’t care for big reprints of articles (provide the link, and I’ll click it if I want, otherwise just tell me why the article was important to YOU).

I don’t like huge academic discussions, compete with footnotes and references about something you are passionate about, I feel like you are Professor, and I am in student in your class. The problem with these blogs is that they tend to be so narrow minded and focused and the author is not as open to debate or discussion as they would have you believe. Once in a while they are okay — especially if it’s idea exploration — but not all the time.

I don’t like really meaningless posts with one word, a gibberish sentence, or a meme describing your religious beliefs, political ideas, what kind of fruit you are, or who you would be on [insert tv/movie/book/comic character]. I actually don’t mind “interview style meme’s” because they require some effort. Unless of course you are sassily talking back to the meme — then that’s just ridiculous because you are sassing yourself!

What is the point of this post? I dunno. I was thinking lately about my blog and whether or not I am in love with it right now. I feel like it’s been kind of boring. Maybe I am not living up to my potential by not writing fantastically witty, observant, interesting topics. Maybe it’s just February talking. I feel a change in the air….

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