I’m cold *whine*

My nose is never warm. I’m constantly under piles of blankets on the couch. I made macaroni and cheese for dinner with a can of green beans added. I cut the butter in half, so that means you gotta add salt and pepper to taste.

Tim is starting a new game tonight — so I now have Monday’s completely free. I was thinking of a craft night or something this week…I wonder if anyone would be interested.

Charter went out last night and caused us to miss our favoritest show ever – Battlestar Gallactica. *cry* I hear tell it’s on again (which I need to check when), or we can download it. But really, if it’s being shown again tomorrow night — and we couldn’t even download it until tomorrow night when Tim is home to do it….then we might as well wait, right? Provided it on tomorrow night.

Yeah, so what to do with my night….what to do. A part of me thinks it would be a fabulous idea to take a nap, (which I already did), and another part says — then wake up and work on finishing Kingdom Hearts – or watch that Netflix movie you know Tim doesn’t want to see and work on that crochet project as well as the gump to take pictures and post to my long lost love – tceku.

Oh and Tim is taking the laptop with him. One of the original reasons he wanted a laptop was so that he could take it with him on games. Now his dream finally comes true. So I’ll be internet less unless I walk back to the office and turn on the desktop.

And I am not ice skating tonight (and I didn’t yesterday). My knee is hurty, and really? I just don’t want to go back out there. When I got home from work, I couldn’t imagine wanting to come back out into the cold, so I forced myself to NOT go in the house, but to walk around, get the shovel. I shoveled the sidewalks, drive ways and handicap ramps — all with my bag around my back. Then I shoveled my way up the walk way, on the steps and finally to the house where I ditched the shovel, my boots and winter apparel and said “Enough.”

Meaning, I was not going to take the dog for a walk. Walking to and home from the bus, plus shoveling = dog walk workout.

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