Here are the details to the train distaster that I spoke of yesterday. The Middletrain is Kaput. Which is such a shame, because there were some neat little ideas happening, and Tim and I were considering going on a trip. But we decided to hold off our House on the Rock getaway until the first week of November because you can save a little over a $100 bucks. That’s worth it.

Last night I went to see 24 Hour Party People at Piper’s Alley with Kate, Eric, Coldwar and Eric’s cousin, Bo. The movie was okay, learned alot about Joy Division, New Order and Manchester. Afterwards we went to this terrible bar for a beer and watched the Golden People walk around on the Gold Coast scenery. I really didn’t like that part of town. Just made my skin itch. Got home, and the thunder and lightening put on a spectacular show.

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