Happy Valentine’s Day my sweet readers!

Today was good. I went to work and worked. I goofed around on the internet a fair amount, I took a nap, I watched most of Ellen and entered the contest of the day (I started yesterday and have decided to enter as much as possible — which is once a day — until I win). For dinner I made a ring bologna, ceasar salad and corn fritters, and for dessert we had cherry pie with whipped topping. Trust me, going for the “lite cherry canned filling” ain’t worth it. You should really just for the extra few calories.

Then we hopped in the car and got gas, stopped at Woodman’s for a german reisling and headed over to the ice rink for our nightly skate. It was very romantic. :) Came home, popped open the wine to warm us up and now here I am telling you every gory detail.

How was yours?

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