Check it out! I made Tim a hat! It only took me four tries to get it done. There are more photos of the hat over at Tceku, my first post there in FOREVER. I plan on changing that, I really do.

I also updated Photos for you, which you can check out HERE.

The weekend was good. We skated, chilled, watched Monster House and…something else. What was it? Uh…I saw Lake House and it was okay. We ate popcorn, we walked the dog and we slept in. I did cleaned and did things like laundry, write letters, read, do the dishes, and cooked. Phil, Kandance and Caleb came over on Saturday evening/night and I beaded part of one of Kandace’s dreads and part of one for Phil. They both really liked it, and it was so easy to do! I should have taken a photo…hm maybe next time. I am sure it will still be in there hair by then.

Man, it’s late and I’m tired. I gotta work tomorrow too since I had to miss today’s work for a doctor appointment. On the bright side, I think I got out of a staff meeting yesterday! That’s always a good thing, the bad thing is I missed my timesheet. I wonder if I can get away with bringing it over tomorrow… but you know how much payroll likes that.

Tim is gaming at the Wonder Fuck’s house tonight….if he comes home with a bad report I swear I am gonna ring that little brats neck. I’ll give you more details on that pending discussion. OKAY off to bed with me.

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