You know what? We still use the same salt and pepper shakers that we got as a wedding gift from Ben C. he also gifted us a pizza pan and a pizza cutter, both of which we still have and use. Although I don’t use the pizza pan for pizza, I use it for cookie and other things that need baking. I like to put my frozen pizza’s directly on the rack because I like crispy. I wonder how many people rotate their salt and pepper shakers though…I saw these super cute one’s at the overture center for $18 bucks a piece! I mean those are seriously expensive shakers…but they would be great wedding gifts for folks who use them for the rest of their life. Right?

Tonight’s dinner is holuski. I ran out of onions so used the last of the shallots that we got back November from the community supported agriculture. Many had sprouted, but I just cut it off…as long as it’s not rotten it’s still edible right? We are also out of potatoes, milk, soy milk, cereal…it seems to me that these are important things. We are still on the fence on whether or not we want to go to the store tonight or wait until Sunday night (which is really when we would go). We could skimp by on canned food and stuff… ugh. One onion’s worth isn’t that great – I like LOTS of onions. I love onions. Onions and I are best friends. Also, I had to replace the egg noodles with pasta shells — I ran out of noodles. THIS is when we get to fun cooking. Pantry cooking….

I was thinking of making those cranberry orange scones my friend Carla posted about awhile ago. I have two oranges we don’t want to eat, and I don’t want to waste them. They would be fine for cooking. I gotta find that recipe somewhere…. that would be awesome. Tonight is a good TV night – lots of funny. We should really get that walk done so I can be here when the funny starts.

Last night I went to Hilary’s livejournal Meetup wearing my new outfit that I bought. I felt like it was time to have new pants. The last time I got new pants was back in May when I bought the old Navy brown pants. This new pants have stripes on them and are denim. I think I tried on 22 pairs of pants at JC Penny’s before I got these. I HATE pants that are “modern fit” — aka ass cracking pants. These are Bisou pants and just barely get to my belly button, but I guess that will have to do. I don’t want the Mom jeans either where the jeans go up to my ribcage. I guess I just need to lose 10-15 pounds so I feel better about it. I’m just waiting for spring and summer to get here because it’s so much easier to lose weight when you are riding bike (to and from work) at least 60 minutes a day. I know, I know, I can do stuff here, with my balance ball and cords…but it’s not the same motivation. You know?

Also, at that meetup, I found out that several people are fascinated by my old school friend Jessie! When I learned that I said “oh she would LOVE to hear that.” So here it is Jessie. I think you need to visit again sometime this spring. Come when it’s warm though, you are welcome to bring Becca too if you want…or give the grandparents the time they always wanted with the grandkids. We can have a special craft night (aka party). :) That would be awesome!

I am in a party mood right now. I want to go over to someone’s house for dinner. Maybe I should invite some people over here for dinner? Hm.

Well, I gotta go walk the dog now.

Laterz, don’t be haterz.

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