Tick Tock. I should be in bed. It’s almost midnight, but … I’m not. I’m just not that sleepy. I woke up this morning at 7.30 wide awake, and then later tried to take a nap at 3..and just daydreamed. No actual dreaming occurred. The rest of the day has been spent crocheting, writing and watching movies (I did fry up some fish and found some potato’s o’brien in the freezer) for dinner. It’s not often I get to sit up and write in a quiet house, with a blizzard going on around me. It’s the first blizzard in memory, so that’s gotta be it. It’s my primitive instinct telling me “Don’t go to sleep! You’ll never wake up!”

And “Don’t go to sleep….EAT instead. You are hungry. VEEEEEEeeeeerrrrrrr hungry.”

Yeah right.

Speaking of food, yesterday the husband and our afterwork beer friend (Oliver) and I all went out to eat at Tutto Pasta on King? The one next to the Majestic. The decor was great, the appetizers (fried cheese) was wonderful, the main course was interesting and just right AND we had the fanciest desserts I’ve ever had — a cannoli and a chocolate mouse in a chocolate cup! We really enjoyed our meal in celebration of Tim’s work bonus. One thing that does bother me though, is why, when there are MANY open places in the resturant, do they always sit the group of five right next to us? I mean, so close that I have to scooch my chair up to avoid having our hair make out. I realized at one point that the woman sitting behind oliver was only about 10 inches away from oliver’s head and listening to our conversation. I don’t think she intended on it because she had no choice. Sheesh. It’s really annoying. Luckily we were done and wanted to get home before the snow made it hard.

We have a bunch of little dogs here…let me tell you the first night (Thursday) was really rotten. These little ankle biters were up until 3 or 4 in the morning barking at every little noise. When one barked it would set them off…sort of like the zombie chain reaction Mr. Brooks discusses in World War Z. Thankfully they have calmed down since then. We have the pleasure of their company until Monday when brother in law and his wife get back from attending a wedding in Alabama. Man, I just realized I don’t envy them! They live in a farm house that has a bit of a drive way and a walk from where they park the cars to the front door…they are gonna have some serious shoveling ahead of them.

Speaking of shoveling — a little boy (about 10) showed up on our doorstep asking if he could shovel our driveway. I told him to come back tomorrow. He said okay…but will he? I wouldn’t mind using some child labor to help out…and really I can’t help myself when it comes to helping children earn their own money. I admire their guts and work ethic. If he does come back and we haven’t already shoveled it, I’ll ask him to shovel the slanted wheelchair access walkways curb thingies…. What do you call those? I have a bunch of quarters I can pay him…. IF he comes back.

We didn’t go grocery shopping, and I am glad. Reading about how everyone was madly going to the store before the “blizzard” hit was rather disturbing. People, the snow is going to inconvenience you what…maybe 2 or 3 days tops? Seriously, do you really need to have that bag of potato chips and whatever the hell else you need to eat for a few days? Shouldn’t ALL people have enough in their pantry to last them 2 or 3 days???? What are you gonna do when there is a great epidemic? Go to the grocery store with your guns and make sure you get all the instant oatmeal, coke and butter into your carts as possible? It’s not like I’m saying we should all be Mormon’s, but I am saying people should be more responsible about these kinds of things.
Our fridge is almost empty but if I had too, I could last two weeks with the canned foods and non perishables I have.

It’s this grasshopper living that has Americans in sure a myriad of troubles (debt, obesity, etc). Yes, we value individualism in America, but I think a lot of people confuse their expression of self, with selfishness.

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