Heya, how’s it going?

I heard on the news this morning that if your front walk isn’t shoveled by noon today that you could get a $100 fine. The two houses to my right aren’t shoveled…one because the renters who are living in the RV parking in front of the house … probably can’t find their shovel. Plus, they usually can’t be bothered. Then the house next to them is vacant because the owner died a few months ago and trust me, his family was a bunch a losers who were living off of him – classic elderly abuse. I have shoveled these two sidewalks twice — when no one was there (the RV hippies do take trips away). But this snow is too sucky for it, and the house on the end of the block has a freaking snowblower. One time I shoveled all the way to within a sidewalk square to where his property started…I figured “He’ll connect it.”

Did he? Hell no. He went only to his property line and quit. So, there was a patch of snow there for two weeks. Geez.

This house is a MESS! I won this bet I had with the DH two weeks ago about the name of a coffee house on Atwood. He said “Cafe Zoom” because it’s …fast and speedy like, you know … zoom. I said “No, it’s not. It’s Cafe Zoma.” We argued, and then he said “I’ll bet you a weeks worth of dishes, and you wouldn’t even have to lose anything.”

I said “No, I’ll do garbage for a week.”

We drive by and guess what? It was Cafe Zoma. *pats self on back*

But I said I wanted to use this dishes in parts…not one whole week, but seven days worth of dishes. Well I tried to redeem one of them on Saturday…but he only did half of them. I daresay it managed to make the kitchen even messier! Then we had three little ankle biters we were watching and I just didn’t want to bother. I mean, you can’t walk three feet when they are around without almost stepping on one them. Especially if you are in kitchen (they are looking for scraps). Now I have a whole house to catch up on.

I still need to send out State taxes too.

We are dog watching our friend’s bulldog starting this … Thursday or Friday to Sunday. I wonder what that will be like? I mean that is like SUCH a different kind of dog that our sweet, delicate, quiet Pluto.

Well, I suppose I should get started on making my “list” for today. Today is the kind of day that needs a list because there is so much to do. Things like: showering, dressing, dishes, sweeping, vacuuming, finishing a letter, cleaning the desk, organizing that crap, making the bed, putting clothes away, figuring out some kind of dinner (venison lasagna I think…), write a scene for a play, package up some mail, made a CD liner, go to the post office, work on my latest crochet project (slippers for Leta with Irish rose flowers on top)…well that’s a start.

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