My gosh! For the second time today (and third if you count last night), I have been mistaken for a male on the phone! Geez. This used to happen ALL the time, but not so much lately…until now. Two of the three was: Tim?

And the third said “Sir.”

I thought deep voices were supposed to be sexy. I guess most people think men are sexy? Wait a second….or that sexy is male? Hm.

In any case, I have gone far too long without getting new contacts (on the last possible pair now) and I think I might want to get new glasses…although I don’t know. You gotta figure the cost of the exam, plus contacts, and then glasses? What are we looking at here? Rich? The thing is though I can stretch a 6 mo supply of contacts into two years….so maybe it works out, and the last time I got new glasses was 7 years ago.

The current glasses are scratched to heck, they have been rolled on, the lense has popped out more times that I can count, the nosepads are green and rusted, and they are crooked (from me bending them back after I rolled on them). Anyway, so that appointment is for next Wednesday the 14th at 3:00. I can take the bus after work to East Towne. Woo!

Right now I am working on my first afgan. I wanted a big project so the DH and I went out to Michael’s to buy yarn for this project. I also got some cotten yarn to make some nice dishclothes. I have one row done….and I’m only on my second try! It’s off white and purple, and it’s going to be for my Mom on Mother’s day. I think she’ll like it. :) If I can get it done by then, maybe this project is too big for that? I’ve never done an afgan before. I’ll take pictures, fear not.

In other news, it’s hard to get through my list today. I decided to just do what I wrote this morning and not embellish it. Yes, posting on Wazika is number two on the list, right after go through junk mail and sort bills, but before laundry part 1 (my goal is two loads — washed, dryed and put away).

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