Humdee ho. I guess lots of people must be mired in winter blah’s because hardly anyone is posting, I don’t get no emails, and letters are pratically nonexistent. What’s going on? Okay. Maybe that is an exaggeration, maybe I am just really antzy and want to be entertained nonstop. Perhaps it’s too many weekends at home. I mean, I know to balance our lives we have to have stretches like this where we don’t do anything, and it was nice at first, but I am looking forward to spring and summer where life is just a little more varied.

I have now done five rows on my afgan…this is going to be quite a feat if I finish it before Mother’s Day — when I plan on sending it to my Mom. :) I had no idea they took this long to make. I wish I had more movies or there was better TV on while I was doing it. Or I could sit outside and enjoy the weather.

This weekend we are going to see 300, but other than that nothing else is scheduled.

Next weekend, Christian and Cecci are in town for a bit and we might hook up with them for drinks that night — but that will be St. Patrick’s day so who knows where we will end up that isn’t crazy busy. Or maybe he’ll be too tired and cancel. You never know.

I wonder if Zoey is still going to visit in April. That would be better than nice.

Pluto is doing better, the antibiotics seem to be helping. We have started to take him on short walks again. He still needs to go back and have his feet xrayed in a few weeks to check on the progress. I hope it’s not bone cancer.

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