For today’s “it’s a beautiful day” walk, we headed towards the other side of 31 – where Heather and I used to walk. We wanted to see if that Sunprint Cafe was open — it wasn’t and it didn’t even have posted hours. So we kept going and followed Acewood all the way over to Cottage Grove road and stopped in Dairy Queen to eat two super, chili dogs. :) The last time I had a chili dog was in Evanston like 5 years ago! Then we walked home and marvelled at how nice it is to have the sun up at quarter to six.

We are gonna have to go out again a bit later to take Pluto on a short walk. He’s doing better and there is no visible limp. We THINK this means he might go on more antibiotics….and then get another xray in a few weeks. We aren’t sure. Tim is going to call the vet with an update tomorrow.

Other than the Sunday walk, this weekend has been really mellow. I’ve been working on the afgan, practicing my naps and watching crappy tv movies, while spending some quality time with the husband.

Oh the afgan. so I am not doing granny stitches because this is a specific pattern…it looks more like a houndstooth pattern of white and purple triangles. I wanted a bit of challenge and to learn something different than just more granny stitches. :)

Boy, eating that chili dog sure hasn’t given me that much motivation to think of something for dinner. I’m so over cooking right. :P I did clean the bathroom today! It needed it. I also opened the window in there so I could breath in some fresh air while I cleaned it. See, I don’t feel bad about opening one little window in the littlest room in the house and not waste energy heating the outside world. So maybe that was my real motivation for cleaning the bathroom. Not because it was dirty but because I wanted fresh air inside the house for a change.

Of course the basement is starting to seep. :( I wish we had a dry basement. I wish we were zillionaires, or even millionaires and could just fix it … install some tile drains, and then while we are at it, finish the basement. It sure would beat the heck out of mopping it up and starting the dehumidifier every day. Or maybe I wish I was a fearless handy woman that had infinite know how — coupled with great creative problem solving skills – then I could do it all myself.

I can’t believe the say it’s going to be 30 again next Friday. I guess. I mean, 30 isn’t that bad. I guess I’m just anxious for spring.

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