I am really bummed about Pluto. I can’t even look at him tonight without wanting to cry, so I snuggled on the couch with him and watched The Day After Tomorrow and The Riches while getting my afghan quota in for the day. His limp is still there (better) so…Tim is going to talk to the vet tomorrow to see the next step. It might be to take more antibiotics and then another xray to see if his foot has improved.

Beyond that we start getting into cost, how much does a biopsy cost? How much would it cost to amputate if it is bone cancer? How much pain will he be in? What can we expect to happen?

Sigh. I was prepared to have at least seven years with Pluto, not four. I’ll feel better tomorrow. I know. I’ll remind myself that the time we have had with him has been great. That he is the best first dog we could have ever asked for and he brought (and is still bringing us) lots of joy. That it might be nothing. That he’ll be just fine.

I guess it’s made worse when I think of how sad Tim will be if/when something happens to Pluto. I can’t stand to see someone I love be hurt. It makes me angry. It makes me want to do something about it. It makes me feel frustrated.

I don’t feel very eloquent tonight. I’ll just stop now.

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