We talked to the vet and she seemed to think that since Pluto HAD improved with the antibiotics and restricted activity that the chances of it being bone cancer decreased. So right now he is another 10 day round of antibiotics, smaller walks and lots of cuddling, then we will go in for another xray to see if there is any change. Whew…that is good news for now.

Today Tim woke up and realized that we had no breakfast. Then he decided it was a bad day, so we went to McDonald’s. I went wearing my jammies, no bra and slippers, bespeckled with unbrushed hair. However since we were in the car the whole time I felt very … “Hilary.” Ha ha. I ordered a sausage, egg and cheese McGriddle but ended up getting a bacon, egg and cheese McGriddle…so you see, if anyone was about to have a bad it would be me. Luckily it tasted just fine.

Let’s see, today I am going to clean the living room and try to organize the guest room a bit. I scored a new bookshelf with wide shelves this past weekend (the hippy neighbors are moving!) and want to replace the little entertainment center with that. I guess I’ll just put the little entertainment center downstairs for the time being. I am feeling that this might be cause for some good music, and quite possibly a shower…though I’m not really feeling the shower vibe right now.

Yesterday I went to Sears and forked over $423 dollars for an exam, a new pair of glasses (first in 7 years), and a year’s worth supply of contacts. Thankfully, a years worth of contacts usually lasts me 2 years (at least), and new glasses last for a long, long time…so I just have to think of the long range benefit of paying this much now. You know, think about how much it really costs per month…or something like that. Anyway, so the glasses I got are half wire rimmed and iron grey….I’ll take a picture when I get them in 7-10 days. Since I had gotten to the mall an hour early for my appointment, I walked around and helped myself to an Annie’s pretzel, a McChicken snacker, and a small orange julius. I had a killer headache and thought that maybe some caffeine would help, but the girl at Starbucks (in Barnes and Nobles) was overworked, and I was running out of time. However that Orange Julius took my head ache away for at least an hour! It’s a freaking miracle worker!!!

OH, and my eyes are stable. They have not changed since the last appointment…which now means that my eyes have been the same for …(hmm … 9 years!) Wow, is that good news. Nine years…back when I first started wearing glasses through high school they were getting worse every single freaking year. I was afraid and convinced that I would be nigh on blind by the time I reached my 30′s. I was just talking with Hilary yesterday about bad eyesight and genetics.

My Mom and Dad had perfect eyesight and didn’t need to get glasses until they were in their 30′s. I think their parent’s had good eyesight too … so, why did I get such crummy vision? My two older brother’s had perfect eyesight (I think they might need or have glasses now that they are in their mid 30′s), but me, my younger brother James and Josh … we all needed glasses from a young age. How does that work?

Well, the laptop keeping prompting me to update the computer which means it has to be restarted. :P I keep clicking ‘later’ but then it keeps coming up every 10 minutes or so. I should really be doing something “productive” anyway. Though I am treating today like my day off. I am going to pretend that I have the day off from everyday stuff to do whatever I want. You remember those kinds of days of right? They were the best. It’s all about a frame of mind.

How should I start the second portion now that the morning has been filled with McDonald’s and internet. Perhaps some Native American flute music and incense…ohh that sounds lovely!

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