I woke up this morning and realized it was raining. It was dark, the tree outside our window was drippy, there were no morning bird calls or crazy squirrels running around, it was starting to kind of get light, and my bed and Tim were cozy. This was also before the cats started in, so for a few minutes it was absolutely peaceful.

Tonight I am going to Sear’s to pick up my new glasses and contacts. I’m a little anxious about the glasses since it was just me there to pick them out. What if I ended up picking out the worst possible pair ever? Hm. But you know, come to think of it, I am usually the one to pick out my own glasses anyway. In fact, I don’t think I have ever had any input. Whereas Tim, well, he has had my input in almost everything that goes on his body. :)

I got the most awesome artwork in the mail yesterday. I cannot wait to put it on the new refridgerator that we are going to get. For the longest time I thought that one of our checks hadn’t been cashed and waiting and waiting for the tax return to come. Then the other day I was doing bills (they almost got away from me this month) and I realized that the extra money WAS our tax return! I forgot I signed up for electronic deposit! Doh!

So, I am going to start shopping for a new fridge. Anyone have any recommendations? I’ve never bought a new fridge, so this is entirely new for me. Our fridge right now is not pretty. Not pretty at all, the bottom sealant has almost come off completely, almost everything inside is broken or cracked…I wonder if they make energy efficient fridges now? Hm. How exciting!

This weekend is the University student group Wunk Sheek Pow-wow. It occured to me the other day, that I have never missed it while I’ve been in Madison. I am sort of looking forward to going. I asked two folks if they wanted to go…I should follow up on that. I also invited bil Phil and Kandance to go, but who knows if they’ll be busy (they always seem to be!).

Last night we watched the 1st half to Farscape the Peacekeeper Wars. I was pissed at how Farscape ended, with Aeryn and John being blown to bits, and kind of held a grudge for a long time. I’m glad to see that the picked up where they left off, but at the same time — it just isn’t as good as it was way back in the beginning. However, I’ll watch the second half tonight and determine if it’s a better ending than the series finale was. God, I used to love this show. I wanted to marry it.

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