Last week or so we ran out of good toliet paper, so the emergency roll of one ply, bark was installed. The next day I went to Target with Hilary and got some more, except neither Tim or I have gotten around to changing the rolls. So we have been using subpar toliet paper now for over a week. Let me tell you, I can’t wait for the roll to be done. Yes, I could switch it out now, but that seems like a waste.:P

Our two neighbors — the hippies and the druggies have vacated their houses. The hippies left to go to Florida and then California in their RV, and the druggie house was abandoned after the elderly uncle passed away — both houses were fairly trashed. In the last week, though, they are being worked on. The druggie house was completely emptied — all of the old man’s possessions are on the street. I did walk by to see if there was anything I wanted, and surprisingly enough, the answer is no. It was too crappy. Now the hippie house owner is here today complete with a industrial waste bin — I think they are going to do some major renovations insides. Well, I know they are. She bought the house for the sole purpose of flipping a year and half ago. Good luck with that lady.

The twins across the street are moving. Their house was on the market for only 2 weeks! So, potentially by the end of the year, we could have THREE new neighbors. Man.

I’m kind of at a loss of what I should to do. I mean, I have a care package I need to package up and send to a friend, but I would like to write a letter to go with it. So I guess that is one item to put on the list. …oh right there, I should make a list, and I have, must, NEED to send out Pluto’s dog license renewal as it is already expired and we need to have it done before the end of March before dog enforcement comes to escort Pluto away in shackles. No, I’m kidding. I think the fee just goes up dramatically. That also reminds me to send in state taxes… Man, I guess I do have a pretty good list for today so far. However, none of it seems very fun or interesting.

Last night I took advantage of the nice weather and went on a bike ride along side Tim on his nightly skate. After that, we walked the dog, then went to the library and then grocery shopping. My splurg items were: Stephen Colbert Americon Dream ice cream, salsa con queso (it’s too salty though :( and strawberries? Eh, no not really. Maybe the ranch dressing? Eh, that’s kind of poor. How about … the angel food cake? Nah, I gotta make that…well crap. I guess I didn’t get much in the way of junk food. Oh wait, I got cinnamon raisin bread! There, I did get three things. Whew.

oh and we bought a Better Homes and Gardens special edition magazine called Beds and Borders – that had 38 flower bed plans that we can pick from and grow. That’s PERFECT for us since we are such newbies at this and need ideas and structure. However, I wasn’t ready for the sticker shock — 8 bucks for this magazine. Man, landscaping really doesn’t come cheap. Well, it’s better than paying a real landscaper to sketch us out a plan (not that we would ever even consider doing it).

The gutter need cleaning. I should go up and do it, but I think that everyone likes for me to have someone else around in case something happens, so I guess I’ll have to wait on that.

I do need to take a shower. My hair is so greezy you can fry a potato in it!

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