It’s a god thing that I have a sparkling personality, because I just finished looking through my ordered prints from Kodak. I just have to remember that we are each our own worst critic.

That said, I am a slouchy, overweight, moon faced, splotchy, acne ridden, frizzied hair dumpy person. :(

Okay, self. Remember that in 10 years you’ll back on these photos and marvel at how awesome you looked! In ten years I will be my own beauty queen. Right? Right. Just need to push back that what I see is not what other people see. I have my own judgment clouding my vision, and making me see things that aren’t there, or that are overblown. Still, I wish I could always look I think I look — tall, straight, not moonfaced or slouchy and chubbtastic. Oh sure there are a few photos…but am I going to obsess over them? Of course not folks.

Moving on. This morning I met with Lowen for breakfast at the Sunprint Cafe on State Street. I think it’s the first time that I have eaten there. Their food was cheap, the atmosphere was nice and we had a long chat. After that she gave me a ride home and planned to repeat this adventure in two more weeks. You know, gotta keep the news fresh. ;)

I then spent the rest of the morning finishing up some correspondence, and then when the mail came I looked through the photos. Other things on my list include: posting in wazika, put dishes away and eat lunch. I have accomplish two out of those three things…I would also like to clean the floors in this place.

Holy cow it’s cold outside! This cold snap is for the birds! One good thing, is that its sunny. That makes staying inside just a little bit nicer – and staying inside is supposedly incentive to get some housework done, right? Crap, I still need to send in State Taxes. okay, that is going on the list for sure…and this time I mean it. Yesterday was super windy! It was so windy I was completely uninspired to walk Pluto with Tim. He didn’t even ask me, because I guess I am that predictable. Gosh, I am such a wuss.

As I type right now, my fingers are cold, Pluto is hogging half the couch and Migo is hitting me in the head with her tail as she stands on the back of the couch and meowtters at some bird. Cats. They have such little respect for their house companions.

I’ve been reading me some Phillip K. Dick. I cannot believe this is the same guy that Scanner Darkly came from. That movie was such a disorientated pile…however, he was also responsible for Minority Report, and The Imitator (?)…and one other story that I recognize as being the basis for a TV or movie. I really am enjoying this collection of short stories.

Also, I haven’t written my creative writing assignment yet. I feel like I am just so behind on personal things. My letters are late, my stories aren’t written, I am not posting as much as I would like too, the house is barely getting by, my social engagements are few and far between, ..sigh. I really need a good infusion of spring to blow away the dust from shoulders and get me motivated.

At least today is trying to be productive with breakfast, going through photos, a little correspondence — and it’s only 20 to 2. I still have a couple hours to make dinner, put dishes away, clean, package up a package, etc before I head over to Laima’s to dye me some Easter Eggs the old fashioned way (with natural dyes and boiling of the water). It’ll be nice to have a batch of hard boiled eggs around the house.

I’m also really into carbonated flavored water — like Klarbrun (sp?) etc. It’s just right.

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