I have a lot to do today. I have a list of things that MUST BE DONE. I’ll update as the day progresses.

1. State taxes – sign the forms, attach the w2′s and put it in the mail.

2. Package up my penpals care package that has been sitting here for two weeks — possibly write another short card explaining what complete and utter dumbass I am for letting it slide. However, at least she doesn’t know I am sending it to her…it’s so much worse when the person is expecting it and I am super late.

3. I have a bunch of picture doubles that I want to send out — package those up too so that the trip to the post office is worth it.

4. Go to the damn post office.

5. Take shower and wash that grease right outta my hair! (oh and get dressed).

6. Mark off the cabinetry that is going to be jigsawed. This might require moving the refrigerator … which means it might have to wait until the DH is home to make sure I don’t accidentally break a cord with my immense strength. Or not, it depends on how antzy I get.

7. Clean as many floors as possible.

In other news, I have been making an effort to take a walk every single day. I get in about an hour (40 min with the dog and about 20 min walking to and from buses). I think that will increase as spring and summer progress. So far it’s working out pretty good. I only skipped one day in the last two weeks — because it was cold.

Speaking of which, there is supposed to be 3-6 inches of snow tomorrow! Hurray! Christmas is finally here! I can’t freaking wait.

Maybe this is just spring fever talking, but I also feel like I want to meet some new friends. Perhaps that just means I need to spend more time with the ones I do have — but you know they have lives. Besides there is something exciting about getting to know someone new. I’ve been thinking of lately of how to go about meeting new friends. It’s harder when you are older for sure. A class would probably be the best way to do it….or maybe I should cultivate a deeper friendship with an older friend? I don’t know. I had this dream the other night, it was so great, and I felt wonderful after waking up for a few hours. It started off with me and a bunch of people that eventually dwindled down to a few, two of which were my french inlaws. The next morning I ditched them (though they tried to follow me) and went on this great adventure by myself that included a step elevator tower (dude, it’s a dream that doesn’t have to make sense), a princess convention at the capitol, ugly stepsisters, mud, revolution…oh it was great. I realized as I went through the dream that I don’t need anyone when I get like this — I just need to get back on the saddle of doing things myself. Creating my own interesting stories and companionship by spending time with myself doing various things.

So of course, now I am jazzed up to do just that. I am envisioning a spring/summer filled with trips to the farmer’s market for a pastry on Saturday, free concerts, going to gardens, trips to the dog park, working on the yard, maybe taking a class of some sort – -basically looking through the Isthmus reader and trying to find things to do on a weekly basis.

My life needs a powerbar, and I’m about to give it one.

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