Guess what we got today? A new fridge! It’s a bisque, Amana with a freezer on the bottom…oh it’s nice. The delivery folks got the old out and the new one in and all set up within 20 minutes. I was originally gonna give them $10 as a tip, but since the “leader dude” looked and acted SO my like my brother’s brother Cody, I upped it an extra $5. Seriously, I found Cody’s doppleganger and he works in Madison for Brother’s Main as a delivery dude.

Oh the sun is coming up…it’s … blinding.

I shut Pluto in the bedroom while this was going on, and by the end he was whining his head off. As soon as they left, I let him out and he followed me around for 10 minutes with that wounded dog look. He just doesn’t get that he would have been in the way and a total pain. Of course he wouldn’t get that….he’s Pluto.

Hurray for new fridge, I can’t wait to try it out. The instructions say we can start adding food tonight around 8:00. Though I won’t be here because I am going to be playing some scrabble.

oh yesterday I made the BEST cupcakes ever. It one package of jiffy devil’s food, a cup of chocolate chips and a package of chocolate instant pudding…(it was the snack cake recipe on the box). It’s SOOOOooooo good. I can’t believe how delicious it is. I had two last night and one for breakfast. We also had tuna fish casserole.

Yeah, so…fridge. I can’t wait to really try it out in the next week.

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