Gosh, was April always this boring?

This morning we got up after a great night’s sleep, and headed to Lake Geneva to walk dogs. We both actually ended up doing a lot of dog walking and got in 1.5 hours! Cool. On the way home we stopped and tried out Taco Bell’s seven layer crunch wrap. Eh. I don’t know if I need to have that again.

Got home and Tim went into SUPER productive mode. He cleaned the gutters, the car, stirred the mulch pit, weeded our lily patch and added mulch/soil. We did leave briefly to go to the grand opening of the East side Animart and got some cheap food, signed up for some raffles and watched pitt bulls and malamutes complete in a weight pulling competition. Man, I had no idea that malamutes were such sassy dogs. Almost every single of them had a few things to say about pulling someting heavy. It was hilarous…I would totally love to have a malamute when I move to Alaska.

Anyway, hat did I do while he did all that? I did what anyone would do on a beautiful Saturday, spring afternoon — I took a long freaking nap. But let me tell you, that nap was very, and truly awesome. After I got up, we headed over to Walgreens to get some vitamin’s and microwave popcorn, and then to the nearby liquor store to get some beer (Leinne’s has a new beer mix called Shandy — it’s awesome! Wheat beer with lemonade flavoring … or rather natural lemon flavors. Not as sweet as the pink lemonade with beer mix we made two summers ago, but tasty nonetheless). Following that we stopped at Michael’s Frozen custard for some sweet treats. Ahh.

Came home and instead of watching a movie and eating popcorn like we planned, Tim went to play video games and drink beer while I watched Dodgeball and surfed the net all night. Now I am heating up some spank-o-neta (totally misspelled) for a late night dinner and then I am going to head to bed. All this sleeping has me beat. ;)

Tomorrow we are going to get a new mp3 player for me (Tim is taking my “old” one) so that he can have music to work out with….and …there was something else were were going to do. I forget what it was…hm. Maybe think about garden..no that isn’t it. It’s going to be raining tomorrow so we don’t have TOO many plans to leave the house. Just sit around and groom the cats. All of the pets decided to start shedding. I had Tim take Pluto outside to try and get rid of a few layers. He said that he is going to need another brushing soon. I would love to take the cats outside to brush them and let the wind take their fur away instead of having it collect on the floor….but they are terrified of the great outdoors (as right they should be).

Man, I have oodles of mail to catch up with. I did spend this last week trying to catch up with email, I am pretty proud of that. Last Thursday I had scrabble night with some friends and totally lost. I guess I wasn’t in the scrabble jive…maybe I need to play more.

Oh yeah! That’s it! Tim and I were thinking about playing some board games tomorrow. I don’t know how likely that is to really happen though. Too bad he doesn’t love cribbage or scrabble, or scategories like I do. :(

Well, I think my greek pastery is almost cooked. I should go check and see if there is any good TV on while I eat it. Then I’m really gonna hit the hay.

What an exciting Saturday night, I know.

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