Happy May Day!

I read The Post Man this past weekend. It was really good, a page turner that encouraged me to read it in a weekend. I also finished reading Phillip Dick’s collection of stories and now I need another trip to the library. Perhaps tonight.

I dug up my garden area this weekend. You know turned it up, hoed it…and added some fertilizer. Just gotta let it sit for a week while we decide what flowers we are going to put in it. I do want to make one section of it into a rhubarb patch. I LOVE rhubarb and it always seems such a chore to find it in the summer. Since the rhubarb I’m planting won’t produce any fruit I’ll have to rely on my secret weapon (Amy’s patch) and Woodman’s. :D Hey that reminds me, this weekend our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) starts this weekend. It’s going to be mostly root vegetables, but that’s okay. I welcome fresh vegetables.

I have to go to the store today to pick up a few things like soy milk, bread, french bread for pizza…though maybe I should just make a home made pizza — that has better leftovers than french bread pizza. But then we had frozen pizza last night, which I know is not the same thing but it is called the same. I should think of something else for dinner. Hm. Glorified mac and cheese (ground turkey and onions added)? That might be okay.

Anyway, so the Postman. I really, really liked it! It makes me wonder if Waterworld is any good. Just because Costner bumbled the movies doesn’t mean that that books are bad. Ever notice how he has a thing for apocalyptic, loner type scenarios?

Just for the record, I don’t expect to find any sort of basket filled with flowers on my doorstep today. There just aren’t enough kids in my neighborhood to do that.

It’s looking like a beautiful day! I might go out and start to dig up a small patch of earth where I want to plant some wildflowers. On the side of house by the garage .. actually it’s that patch of yard that merge’s into the (now gone) Hippy neighbor’s house from the drive way. I figure I could put something in there….for us? Hm.

I’m worried about planting wildflowers because you know…I can’t tell flowers from weeds. I might just end up growing a big patch of weeds.

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