I know, I know, one of the main rules of Blogging 101 is:

1. Don’t talk about family problems because honestly, no one cares but you.

That said.

I went outside and had a little fire going burning some of the the brush. It was nice and warm and now I smell awesome! After awhile I decided it was time to water our roll out garden by the pump that Tim rehedged. I wanted to try out the new watering can we had…anyway. It was after that and I was going back inside to start stage two of the Black Radish salad that I noticed “ouch, what the fuck is wrong with my leg?”

Some of you may remember that my left leg has never been the same after my back operation in 2000. Well usually it gets fatigued if I really work on it or do things like pilates or some kicks. But constant work can strengthen the muscles around it. Well all of a sudden the entire groin leg muscle thing in that area is making it nigh impossible to walk, let alone sit quietly.

Maybe I should put some ice on it? It doesn’t feel like a specific pain in general but the whole area is just…so….hurty. I hope it goes away by tomorrow because otherwise all that walking is going to make it worse.

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