Yesterday we were total ownership nerds. We went to a Greyhound appreciation day at Bad Dog Frida — and at it’s peak there were about 25 dogs (plus their owners) crammed into that little store! Pluto had some doggie cake and LOVED it. He went back for seconds, and even tried to help some other dogs finish their pieces. We left after about 45 minutes because I had made the mistake the eating sunchokes earlier.

Sunchokes I learn today, are very difficult to digest for some people and can cause lots of gas. Apparently I am one of those people. It is said to eat them in moderation until you learn how they work in your system. I’m pretty sunchoke shy right about now, so I don’t know how much moderation I am going to be doing. Tim has no problems with them however.

After that, we brought Pluto home and headed out to a Scion owner event at Jon Lancaster. We arrived, ate some snacks, looked at the new Scion and decided that it was nice, but not worth trading in our car for a car that has less gas mileage (even if it is automatic). Tim won a raffle — some kind of invisible armor for your Ipod, phone or other little hand held electronic device, and then we all hopped in our cars to do a Scion show off — in which about 15-20 of us got in our scions and all took a big loop around town, driving together.

At first it felt ridiculous. Like we a bunch of nerds …. but then somewhere along the way the foolishness turned into fun. I can’t explain why it was fun, but it was. Maybe because we had never done something like that before. In any case, we headed home skipping Barnes and Nobles because we forgot to print out this weeks discount coupons.

Last night we watched Superman Returns and I almost fell asleep twice in it. BORING! The stupid flight with Lois, the beating up of Sup’s was just updated scenes from Superman 1 and 2. Sheesh, get a little imagination folks! And why did Lois look like she was 16? That sucked.

This week I want to go and see 28 Weeks Later, because you all know how much I love zombie flicks.

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