After three and half years of healthy eating and living, oodles of good vibes from a great support community, the use of magic crystals and vitamins, great timing, our vast love for one another, and … oh yeah…the assistance of a highly qualified team of medical professionals and endocrinologists, we are expecting a baby due in November. Infertility is a long, often lonely, difficult road to navigate and one I wish none of my friends will ever experience. That said, I will refrain from going into detail regarding it, but I just wanted to let you know that if you DO ever experience it or think you are (one in ten couples will), you can talk to me. :D Heck, if you are even at that stage of TTC (trying to conceive) you can talk to me, I have lots of knowledge in this area. Trust me.

Proof of Life:

March 2: Positive EPT test from Hilary. But I don’t trust it. (12dpo)
March 3: Positive First Response (13 dpo)
March 5: 1st Beta = 194
March 8: 2nd Beta = 819
March 19: 1st ultrasound confirms a single, uterine pregnancy and a heart beat! (6 weeks)

April 3: 2nd ultrasound – confirms baby, aka Bacon Bit is still alive and doing well. Heartbeat rated at 180. (8w1d) I graduate from the RE’s office and am sent packing into the regular world of OBGYN’s.

April 16: First appointment with OB Coordinator. Heard the heartbeat for the first time. (10w)

April 20: 3rd ultrasound for OB to have measurements/confirmation. Tim was there, we both saw Bacon Bit move little armlets and leglets. Heartbeat 175. (10w4d)

May 9: My rental doppler arrives, after two tries I find Bacon Bit’s heartbeat on my own 162-168.

May 14 (today): We announce Bacon Bit’s impending arrival. (14 weeks even)

May 18: Next appointment with the NC’s at the OB office. I don’t know when I’ll meet the elusive OB.


My biggest symptom so far has been the complete lack of motivation to do anything other than sit on the couch and worry, watch TV, surf the internet and crochet. A close second is the tiredness, and huge amounts of sleep I have collected through numerous naps. Tied for third, we have an epic battle between desperate thirst and a constant need to use the bathroom. I have had nausea starting in weeks 9 – 14 that hits most often an hour after breakfast, and between 4-8 (it only adds to the lack of motivation, trust me). In addition to that, I can get full on a few bites of food and not be hungry for hours and hours afterwards. That said you can rest assured that no letters have been written, the house has been neglected and things just aren’t getting done. I’m hoping the second trimester energy myth is true.

Other things: with this weakened immune system I was subjected to the worse case of stomach bug to have ever existed (and I suffered through it medicine free!), I pulled a groin muscle that has never hurt before, I have lots of food aversions – namely peanut butter (mostly in the beginning), chocolate, coffee, diet coke, ham, special K with chocolate bits (the only thing that made me barf), and for a few weeks there, a consistently bad taste in my mouth (it was not metallic as they all say but more ….chalky), boobs are up a cup size and veiny. I have acne and red face like a teenager, I started to have vivid, lifelike boring dreams from about week 9 on –gone are my apocalyptic, good versus evil epics. I have a constantly stuffy nose and lately, I am suffering from headaches again. :( I had hoped to have rid of them.

I’m really looking forward to the day when I will truly savor eating again. I know what I want to eat. It will be good. It will be so delicious I will remember it for years to come, and I will get the full that you get when you are full of good food, instead of the full that you get because the food has hit the wall and every bite from now on is in danger of barfdom.

What Do We Think of All This?

We are very happy, excited, nervous, cautious, distant — we haven’t really let it sink in yet. There are often times that I don’t even really believe it’s true myself, and now I have reached that zone in the pregnancy where I am not yet really showing but I am starting to feel better, so it’s even easier to not believe. We waited until Mother’s Day weekend to let our family know – and by family I only mean the parents and a few siblings. Since we previously experienced a miscarriage (two years ago) it made it easier to keep a secret and wait. I wonder if letting the cat out of the bag will make it seem more real, though several of my infertility/pregnancy peeps say it becomes real when you feel the baby move, to when it’s born.

What is “Bacon Bit” all about?

Everyone comes up with nicknames — the usual fare include things like “peanut, pumpkin seed, apple seed, seed, baby, lil’bit, creature, parasite, etc.” My first actual idea for a name was Babyhoff — but Tim hated it. A week or two later Bacon Bit flipped into my head and it seemed so, very right (and Tim agreed). Therefore, Bacon Bit it is.

Are you going to find out the sex?

Yes we are. It is going to a surprise to us at 20ish weeks as it would be if waited until November. However if you feel really strongly about the “surprise factor” will be sure to not tell you so that it will be a surprise to you! :D

Are you going to do any genetic testing (Nuchal fold scan, CF, Amniocentesis, CVS)?

Are you going to just talk about pregnancy stuff now?

Yes, actually — but I already have been. I have another, very personal journal in which I discuss quite a few things. Requirements include: being female, and preferably in the same stage of life I am at, or I know you personally and trust you. However, I will start talking about it here, but only as an addition to my life, and I may even share belly photos with you once in awhile.

Did I miss anything?

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