WHEN in the second trimester am I supposed to really start feeling better? Maybe because I felt fine up until week 8 – I’m behind two weeks in symptoms. Maybe I’ll start really feeling awesome during week 17?


After this I am going to bed. This day is done.

I drove Pluto the vet (I am now trying to drive everywhere so that I can get as much practice driving the car as I can since I am going to be getting my license (on an automatic) some time in the next month or three depending on the waiting list and when I can get in). He got some shots and had another x-ray to check on the development of his foot. It was fine. Apparently, it would seem at this point, that he doesn’t not have bone cancer but more likely a bone spur.

Big sigh of relief. If he has more problems in the future then we will take him back for another x-ray and then send the xrays out to certified radiologists to have a looksee. Until then we are on the wait and see plan. :D

My Mom ended up writing me a letter apologizing too and said that she loved the afghan I made. I did take photos of it, so I will try uploading those tomorrow. I had the highest intentions of uploading some photos today but Bacon Bit just wouldn’t allow it. Tomorrow….

And speaking of which, I have my first intake visit at the OB with the nurses. I hope it isn’t long and drawn out, and that I get to schedule the “Big Ultrasound” appointment.

What else? Oh! Apparently I am still a member of the Ho-Chunk Alumni Board! Holy cow! I emailed an rsvp saying I would show up at the event for the Labor Day powwow — and I got recruited to do welcoming and stuff “as a board member.” Wow, no one told me. I don’t even hear from them anymore. I mean nothing. Nada. Zip. I’m a little nervous about going because I’ll be alone and surrounded by a bunch of people I don’t know — but at least we all have higher education in common… That means we are spending the night at my Dad’s which he is very happy about it, and Pluto is spending the night at a friends house for the first time.

This weekend we are dog sitting Jack and taking him with us (and Pluto) to march in the Children’s parade in Stoughton for the Syttende Mai festival. Ahh, I love the Norwegians (I have a big soft spot for Scandinavian countries). Maybe I’ll look me up some authentic rosemaling for the kitchen….

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