Rough morning. I have headache now. 8(

Last night was okay. Relaxing. After not getting mail for five days because the buzzer was broken on the apartment, the mailman was finally able to make his delivery (or hers). I got a letter from my Mom. 8) She said that Ditto quit going to calvary, got a new apartment in Connersville and refuses to talk about what happened. I wonder what happened. My poor brother. We also went over to Mischa’s to pick up the server and the Mac monintor adaptor for Tim’s sister. When we went to drop it off, they don’t even have a buzzer and the door the building is locked. We yelled at the window for ten minutes before Tim started to get pissed off for looking ghetto. Just as we were about to leave someone left, and we got in that way. She was home and we hooked up her monitor for her, and the glow in Greg and Bekah’s eyes was obvious. Good, the computer should be used.

Then I made spaghetti for dinner, watched Monk, the Chris Issack Show and Sex in the City while reading. It was nice, except I got a terrible headache just before I went to sleep. It must be stress or something. I am looking forward to visiting my Dad this weekend.

Also, a quick congratulations to Koah on her wedding last Saturday and her baby to arrive in November.

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