Week 15 Status Report

Operation Bacon Bit is now at week 15. Things did not start off well this morning, for I was gaggy for no apparent reason from the get go. I walked into the kitchen to drink some water, and gagged on it. I walked out and didn’t go back in. I had the DH make me some poptarts and bring them to the living room. It’s not that my kitchen is a mess (because it it really is) it just came out of no where, and continued to do on the walk to the bus, the walk to work, and sometimes while sitting at my desk. I still had a bit of an appetite though and managed to eat lots of effin’ junk food today! The most in a LONG long time. But considering I lost three more pounds last from the last time I checked, I am not going to beat myself up.

The OB appointment sucked. I met with an administrative lady who asked me questions regarding my family history. Questions I hate answering because most of them are a resounding YES when it comes to my Mother. Diabetes? Yes. High Blood Pressure? Yes. Stroke? Yes. Heart Attack? Yes. Congenital heart defects? Yes (Mom’s brother). Depression or mental illness? Yes.

Gah! When she asked liver disease, I was exasperated enough to quantify the question with “Naturally or from drinking?” Thank goodness she said naturally because I got to say no. Of course there were a bunch of questions I did get to say no too, but … I hate even having to say yes to any!

Anyway, she gave me another pregnancy book.. this time more “baby manual” than a “what to expect when you are expecting” book which is really cool. It covers everything baby in easy to understand, simple english with pictures. One day I will look at it more. Other than that, I peed in a cup and, signed the hippo/hippa? form and was on my way.

I didn’t even get weighed or anything! She did make an appointment for me with the OB I choose (I met her once before because she preformed my HSG — uh, look it up). She seemed like a no nonsense kind of gal – which I like! That appointment is supposed to be a mini-physical type thing and isn’t until June 16th.

I don’t get to find out the gender until week 21— which is the first weekend of July. So there you go.

I noticed that I have had a little more energy….as in I haven’t needed to take a nap every single day. I even noticed that I didn’t have to get up to pee last night! Usually I have to make 2-3 trips. The neverending thirst is a teeny bit better, and the nasty taste is taking days off now. That’s kind of nice. I’m hoping this is the week where I see marked improvement.

I noticed a new symptom for the last two days. I know this is going to sound ridiculous — but it feels like there is something down there. By “down there” I mean below the belly button and not in the stomach. It’s gets really uncomfortable to sit a certain way after awhile, or lay a certain way. It’s not a sharp pain, not a cramp, it’s…uncomfortable at times. I don’t really feel it today, but I did feel it ALOT on Saturday and last night. And yes, I know that there is something there, but I haven’t felt any differently in the abdomen region, well, until this past weekend.

Also, I cannot believe I am week 15! I mean, whenever I saw those signatures from other PIAF (pregnant after infertility) women in support groups, I would just marvel at how far they were. It seemed like a fuzzy kind of goal, like — maybe one day I would get there. They seemed so mature and wise to my little single digit week self. Now look, here I am. I have to admit I have never really even dreamed of the 20′s! (knocking on wood). I can’t wait. :D On the other hand, it still doesn’t feel like I am wise, or full of advice for the newly pregnant. Sigh.

Last but not least, I did take my 14 and half week photo last Thursday and have been meaning to make some kind of montage or section in the gallery for belly shots. Maybe tomorrow. I do have a dentist appointment though — that might put a kabash on my mood.

One more thing – I bought my first Bacon Bit type thing (as in this might really happen and I got it not from second hand or on loan but for the actual purpose of Bacon Bit) and it was a Pregnancy Countdown book that so far I am finding very enjoyable.

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