I plan on taking photos this weekend, so be prepared for photos next week! No really, I’ll upload them and not just say I will. No seriously.

Really. I mean it.

A few things.

First, Migo is trying to attempt to “get rid of Bacon Bit.” Two times now she has jumped from the open window will all her might and landed directly on my stomach only to use it as jump board to get to the floor on the other side of the bed (over Tim). After it happened this week, it hurt and made me worried — I started closing the window enough that she couldn’t fit under it. This morning, I was awakened by two more assassination attempts by Migo to jump from the dresser onto me — except the dresser is further down the bed — so all she hit was by my knees. TWICE! She tried it twice! Can you believe that?! Tim and I are thinking of switching sides of the bed any way because we’ll have to do that come November anyway since the bassinet would be on that side of the bed. Or whatever you get to put newborns in. :D

Secondly, we still haven’t planted anything in our garden. Dang! But it’s still May, there is still time right? And we aren’t getting stuff that is from seeds (learned our lesson on that) so it should be okay. We just need to get to a place that sells plants. Actually first I need to make garden plan.

Third, I need to call Amy to see if I can get some of her famous rubarb so I can make a pie to bring with us this weekend to my Dad’s. Uh I should do that now while it’s on my list…right? Hold on.

There. Done. I’m a roll this morning! I have so far: did some laundry (still need to go and hang it up), addressed two envelopes and mailed them, made a phone call, ate some lunch, took a nap, and eventually will get to taking a shower and cleaning the living room.

Speaking of which I think the laundry is done. I should go and put it outside quick before the weather decides to get wet. I hope with all the wind today that it will dry faster. Maybe I should do TWO loads? Dare I risk it?!

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