Aside from a three day migraine which I attribute to the weather…I think I turned a corner this week! Holy cow. I have more energy and … get this friends….I’m hungry and food is starting to look good again.

Last night I made a bok choy salad, ravoli and garlic bread. It was an AWESOME dinner. Truly magnificent. After dinner the DH and I walked Pluto and then went to Petsmart to get some bugs for Koopa (the possum), a cat harness so maybe one of our cats can go in the back yard, and more cat litter. Then we stopped at Borders to see if they had this book: The Great American Book of Church Signs as a gift for Rev. Tim (Tim’s Dad) who is having his installment ceremony on Sunday at the chuch he is now … uh ministering at. THey didn’t, but I on the other hand got lots of great loot 75% off for the “gift drawer”. It was depleted at Christmas. I can’t tell you how many times the gift drawer has saved our hides. :D

Then we drove over to Hilary’s to drop off a bunch of graphic novels we rediscovered in the basment. Whew…I would have hated to have them down there for much longer! Anyway, she got some of the greats like: Astro City, Kingdom Come, the Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Death the High Cost of Living…etc. You know, graphic novels are GREAT summertime reading material. In fact, I wish I had something new to read right now. :( There are two more complilations of Astro City that have come out since we last bought them — but since we read the comic book singles for so long I am not sure if any of the stories are new. Anyway, she should be set for a while.

After that, we retired to our home to play some Star War’s Lego’s together before getting into bed rather late at 12.

Oh and yesterday we bought a rain tent .. like sun guard type thing for camping because you know it’s going to pour every singe day that we are there this weekend. Ahh…camping old school. I knew the last time when there was great weather and no rain was a fluke. We used up all our good camping karma camping in October.

We are going to try and get there early tomorrow to enjoy the most of it and be back Sunday night. I’ll take pictures. :D

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