I went camping this past weekend with a bunch of friends up at Kettle Moraine. Of course it rained, and rained but there were good long stretched of no rain that made it okay. The sucky thing is, as soon as we got there on Friday I started to get a headache again that stuck around until Sunday morning — just as we were leaving! Gah. That totally sucks. I didn’t bring enough tylenol because I had hoped that the migraine was truly gone — instead it looks like it had just taken a mini break. :( Anyway. I am headache patrol again….trying to be very careful about making sure one doesn’t get too out of control. It’s hard when all you can take is tylenol and it seems like the headaches are increasing.

One interesting thing to note, I brought dark chocolate for the smores and for the first time I can remember in the history of our camping the whole setup was gobbled up! All the chocolate, the marshmallows and the box of cinnamon graham crackers (I accidentally got cinnamon instead of normal). In any case, usually only a few smores are had, but not this time! Cool.

Over all it was nice and relaxing and I tried not to let the headache affect things as much as I could. As in, I tried to do things and just ignore the pain. It’s better than sitting around by yourself bemoaning how awful you feel. That just seems to make it worse because then you are just focusing on the pain. Anyway. I hate headaches. I wish science could find a cure for them and not just a coverup. I think I get another bad week long migraine I am going to see if an acupuncturist can do something about it.

Because it rained most of the time, I didn’t take a whole lotta pictures. I just wasn’t in a mood to wreck my nice camera.

Bacon Bit: Week 17

No picture this week, those only come at two week intervals and then depends on how fast I get myself hooked up to the desktop. My appetite is a little stronger than the week before, but there are many times that I still “hit the wall” and can’t eat anymore — including the bite in my mouth that sets off the gagging. I also get full fast, though the time in between eating is getting a little shorter. I felt like I ate a ton yesterday, but in reality probably not. I *think* I felt a tap last Friday while on the internet reading an article and being still. It wasn’t gas, it wasn’t a muscle spasm, it was definitely one little tap to the left side of my navel. I didn’t feel it again and to be honest I probably never would have noticed had I not been super still (and an hour after breakfast). Since I have nothing else to compare it too, I don’t quite know if was Bacon Bit yet. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see some more. I have an appointment on the 15th I think, of this month. Anyone wanna give me a ride? Sigh. I wish the stupid clinic was on a busline…uh oh. I just remembered I have a garage sale going on that day….hm. It’s in the afternoon though…

Shit that reminds me to find out why I haven’t gotten a date for my driving test yet. I should do that this afternoon, right after I am done posting this. I wish I had my own personal driver. :(

Sigh. I don’t want do “important grown up stuff” this afternoon. I would rather watch TV I think. I slept in a LOOooooong time this morning and it was great! So great in fact that the DH joined me. We really needed to catch up on our sleep.

Also today I am experiencing a bit of the old “bad taste in the mouth” and “thirstyness”. I guess I hadn’t realized until now that these two symptoms had let up.

Edited to Add:

My New OB appointment is on Thursday, June 14 at 1.35. At 18 1/2 weeks I will meet my OB for the first time.

My Driving Road Test is on July 30th at 1.35 — though I am on a list for any sooner dates that might come up. See how busy/hard it is to get a test date in this damn city? Sheesh. I hope to god I pass, otherwise it will be another 2-3 months before the NEXT test.

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