I have a dentist appointment tomorrow to fill two cavities in the front. I knew they were caused by a previous dentist who tried to “fix” a chip by making it worse and then in adequately filling it… blah blah. In any case, that is tomorrow afternoon. The crown that I need can wait some more. :P

I also got a appointment reminder for my OB appointment next week and discovered that I still won’t meet my actual OB. Nope, I only get to meet a Nurse Practitioner. Well it’s a good thing they know what they are doing, and I am still trying to believe that I am a completely healthy, normal human pregnant lady and there is nothing different or unusual about me (other than how we conceived). Therefore, I don’t need to see the magic wizard yet..thought it would have been nice. I wonder when I DO get to meet her officially…when the baby is born? Ten minutes before? Never? Hm. Maybe I should hire a doula/midwife.

I saw the Illusionist tonight and have to say…not that bad. Not too bad at all, in fact you could say I really rather enjoyed it. It’s been while. I saw Capote the other night and UGH UGH UGH. That is one of those movies where I really should have started another crafty project to justify wasting two hours of my life watching it. I should make another afgan though…it was sort of fun doing one. I don’t have a time limit for the next one… I could make one for me? (ha ha, funny because most things I make never end up being for me).

I should really go to bed. I’m tired and sick of being thirsty (one of my strongest symptoms still).

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