This weekend I:

-picked up CSA Veggies
-went to three garage sales and found a messenger bag for Tim for $3
-trimmed the hedges
-wrote several cards/letters
-walked the dog
-went to Chuck and Kathleen’s belated wedding reception
-went to Phil and Kandance’s campfire in the back yard
-bought a new shirt and a dress
-played Star Wars Legos with Tim
-went to MexicaliLAME for margarita’s (NA Pina Coloda for me) decided to never go there again. Ever.
-Went to the Mounds Dogfest at the Alliant Energy Center
-played electronic bingo and lost money (as usual) at DeJope
-ate some birthday cake
-made an appetizer that folks seemed to like
-sleep in, and took several naps

Today I:

-cleaned Koopa’s cage, including throwing out her nest — it was moldy. I replaced it with a handful of pine shavings and LOTS of ripped up toliet paper, napkins and kleenex scattered throughout her cage. She is going to be one busy little possum tonight. Tim said as long as she isn’t running on her damn wheel it’s a welcome change.

-ate a piece of banana creme pie, cooked dinner (bowtie pasta with garlic scraps, onions, basil, rosemary, green pepper and spinach in olive oil seasoned with sea salt.) It was “eh.”

-Read more Phillip K. Dick
-Washed a load of dishes and put a load away.
-worked at my job
-looked for Father’s Day’s cards at Walgreens and gave up. I hate their selection, Target has a much better selection these days.

-posted on some blogs
-napped (man, I was TIRED today)

Tomorrow I want to:

-work some more
-get some garage sale stuff together
-clean the kitchen floor and soak the litter box area with vinegar (the house is smelling a little too cat pee for Bacon’s Bit’s liking. Tim said he doesn’t notice and we both have sensitive cat pee noses — though not as strong as my obsessive friend Hilary).

-Finish writing a letter to Jeannette
-make a rhubarb pie
-grocery shop
-work on a writing piece

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