I really need to put my afgan pictures on Tceku, and the wash clothes. Yeah that is on my “to do list” for this week.

I am so tired because I was so busy today. I came home and was almost bowled over by the stench of cat pee emanating from the kitchen. I couldn’t stand it. I cleaned everything out of the kitchen, beat the rugs in the sun, then went back and got rid of all the peed on cat litter OUTSIDE the box, sprayed it and the surrounding area with Petzyme and let it soak three times, while I swept and mopped the rest of the floor. I also did the dishes, baked a rhubarb pie, cooked an awesome dinner with kohlrabi, polish sausage, onions and pasta, cleaned off the counters and table (no small feat) and even cleaned the coffee maker (complete with two vinegar run throughs). After eating, I walked the dog with Tim, then went grocery shopping, put all the food away and now here I am. I was eating a red vine licorice, but I am done with that now, and I can’t beat to eat TWO pieces for 140 calories. Damn, I had no idea they were so calorie rich, though they are delicious.

Junk food I got this time: red vines, spirit of America Little Debbie snack cakes, dilly beans, deluxe mixed nuts, sugar babies, cherries, strawberries, malted ice cream and cookies and cream ice cream, life savers (but we always get hard candy for the bowl), pudding and I think that’s it. Maybe it isn’t as bad as I thought it was. It always seems like it though when I even buy ONE thing that is junk, which is why I think I do a lot of baking. I want something good and sweet — I have to make it. Then I am stuck with the problem of having a WHOLE pie…anyway.

Yeah, so I am tired and looking forward to laying down in bed. I opened more windows partway and all the ceiling fans are on to cool the place down. Tomorrow the plan is to keep the shades drawn for the day because our house stays pretty cool thanks to all the mature trees we live under. I wonder if it will make a difference…oh I am sure it will. I think tonight is another sheet and one blanket night. I would say sheet, but it’s gonna drop to 56 and that’s still a bit chilly if you ask me.

Last but not least, I had another headache today, but it finally went away with the help of a second dose of tylenol and a coke by 5ish. Thank goodness. These headaches are such energy drainers. As I told Tim earlier, “I want to do stuff like clean and organize (especially since I have a garage sale I am doing this Friday and Saturday) but I just wasn’t feeling good. I was at “take it easy speed” instead of “get as much done as possible” speed.

Whatever, it’s gone now and that is something I can hold onto right now. Speaking of which, why am I still up yapping? I still have to work tomorrow.

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