18 1/2 Weeks!

I think I am starting to show. :D I don’t know yet when I’ll start wearing svelte, sexy looking maternity clothes with panache.

And then, if you are anything like me, you would want to compare and analyze it compared to the OTHER pictures. Therefore, here is the updated Montage. I think later on I might have to create an album in my gallery and direct you there for all the montages … or the extended set. Yeah, good idea. I would post June pictures, but June isn’t over yet and I think I’m gonna wait a bit on that.

Okay, now that you are sick of seeing up close and personal photos of me (ha ha, who am I kidding, we LIVE for pictures!!!). One of the cats took a giant dump in the living room on the carpet!! Tim found it and cleaned it up, complete with charcoal cleaning, but seriously. These cats are out to get Bacon Bit! First with the jumping from window’s onto my stomach, and now with the urge to spread toxoplasmosis. Though, realistically I know the chances are very, very slim that our cats have it because they have been indoor cats their whole lives. Still, the intent is there.

I have an doctor’s appointment today. Maybe they will weigh me this time and I can find out how much weight I have gained. My own scale would indicate 2-4 pounds. I bet their’s will say something like 20-30. Fucking doctor scales. It’s a conspiracy I tell you, a conspiracy.

Yesterday I paid bills and worked on cleaning off the desk in the office. Paper can become so overwhelming! Today I am supposed to be working on garage sale stuff. But hey, it’s still early, I have plenty of time to shower, get redressed, go to an appointment, put some rockin music on and get garage sale stuff together.

Yeah, Garage Sale Tomorrow and Saturday! Come! You know you want too!

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