Pills from India?

What a day. No what a weekend.

I get home today, not feeling that great because of the heat and too much lunch, and expected to enjoy a nice afternoon being leisurely. I check the mail and Tim got a package from India. I open it. Inside is two packages of pink pill — high blood pressure bills. There is a certificate of authenticity and some kind of disclaimer, but that’s it, no invoice. It has our name and address, including a close approximation of our phone. I call up Tim and ask him why he is ordering drugs from India. He replied with “I didn’t. Check the credit card.”

SO I go to check the credit card, except I can’t get access to my account. I tried twice and even tried to request a new password…nothing was working. So I call. I listen to the charges via phone and hear two I didn’t recognize. One was from cashtabz dot biz and the second was from Wis Sports Development (which turned out to be okay — it was Tim’s Badger State Games registration for the marathon he is going to be skating in on Saturday). So yeah, Cashtabz for 71.95$ on May 30th. Long story short, the claim is being disputed, I canceled those cards and we are getting new ones. We will be sent a statement where we check the disputed claims and sign it and send it back and then eventually I have to register online to get a new account. Which means I am back to paying our credit card bill by paper for this next time. Sigh. One of the reps I spoke to told me to just subtract that amount and pay the bill. I hope we get the dispute thing first, because I don’t want to be charged interest on something like that. That said, I haven’t really had a chance to relax. I hate identity theft and fraud. This is the second time this has happened to us — and we are extremely careful with our transactions! We shred everything, keep all receipts…blah blah blah.

The sky is getting dark and I hear thunder in the distance. We need the rain around here, and I am sure I am not the only one to welcome the cool air that the rain brings. I have all the windows in the house open (except the bathroom one because there is a hole that lets in skeeters) to let in the cool air and take the house temperature down a notch or three.

Sigh. This whole thing reminds me that I need to get over that stupid fear of seeing our credit report and just request the damn thing. The one question I have, is do I only get a credit card report for myself? Would Tim have to request his? Do we have a joint report? I don’t know…. Hm. I will figure this out tomorrow. It must be done.

—- The Garage Sale

This weekend was overall pretty good. Long, hot and busy. I had that garage sale and we did …. eh. Hliary did the best at $28, I made about $28 and Laima made about $13. Not really that worth it for cash…HOWEVER…I did get some great benefits out of it:

1. The garage is mostly empty now of my friends stuff. Still have to get rid of a two seater sofa in there. Tim is happy about it. That crap was in there for two years and we found a living family of mice, a dead mouse and a dead vole. Ewwwww.

2. I got SOME cash out of it. But really, what will pay off is that Laima suggested taking it to Goodwill and getting credit for the donation for taxes! Cool. I totally take advantage of that stuff.

3. I got four great, white chairs for the backyard from Laima and she got a bunch of clothes in exchange. Now that is what I call bartering!

4. Quality quiet time with Laima and just hanging enjoying the heat. Though it might have been more enjoyable if we both hadn’t had headaches.

5. Crazy bike lady visited us FIVE times! Gah. She is sooooooo annoying. I can’t stand her. All she does is talk about depressing or unjust things that happen to her, over and over and over….and yeah, the fact that she came back five times should tell you something. The other time I had a sale and she came, I made the mistake of being polite and she stayed for three hours talking my head off and I couldn’t get rid of her. It was finally Roberta that told her to leave, SEVERAL times that she finally left. Then this woman stalked me afterward for MONTHS. Leaving crap on my doorstep, stopping by to visit, or pretend she had lost something on our side walk. Seriously, it took way long for her to leave me alone. You know, we see her walking her bike on the road at night, forever wearing her headphones. There are sidewalks everywhere here, and there is no reason at all for her to be pushing her bike at night on the road…except….

Tim’s theory is that she does it so that people will see her, think “oh poor lady” and stop to see if she needs helps and BAM! she had them in her trap. Creepy.

6. The other Not-quite-right-lady showed up on Saturday. I like to refer to her as the “Well Hello There!” lady. She walks all over the neighborhood areas going to garage sales. On Saturday she decks herself out in some of her garage sale finds and goes a-shopping. This time she was wearing at least 50 necklaces, 10 broaches, dozens of bracelets and rings on every finger. She has a strange walk of talking…that I cannot describe for you in the written word, but I could imitate it right on. She showed up at 7.30 and asked if the garage sale was going to start at 8:00. I said yes, since I was the only one setting up at that point. SO … she sat down and waited.

Starting up a garage sale by yourself with an audience is not an easy thing to do. In any case, eventually it got going and she looked. Eventually she found a few items and came up to me and said “I got blank, blank and blank which equals a dollar.” I said “No, actually this one necklace is $1.50. She replied “I only have a dollar” and proceeded to give me four quaters. Feeling awkward and like I just wanted her to go, I said “Well, I guess I can let you have the lot for $1.25.” She said “$1.25? Well, let’s see. I have some pennies.”

She then proceeds to take out a baggie of pennies and slowly starts to count them out. I think to myself “Dear God” and say “No, look five cents is enough.”

“So $1.05?” she asked.
“Yes,”I said. And held out my hand as she counted out five pennies exactly and then asked me for a little sack to put it in. I gave her a sack and she was on her way.

Jumping to the end of the sale, Laima and I had given up and were packing it. Guess who decides to come back. I sort of saw it and quickly closed the box of jewerly (I decided to not give that away because I can always use it for other stuff, at the very least for dress up gifts). She walks over and says “Well what do you have there? Jewelery?”

“Yes,” I replied. “But we are done now.”
“Can I just have a look there?” she replied, angling in.
“Fine,” I said and walked away to find something else to do. About 10 minutes later I overhear her say to Laima “And here is 75 cents…. do you have a little sack for this?”


Moral of the story — I like going to garage sales more than I like having them.

—— Bacon Bit Week 19

Things are going okay. I feel great, I have lots of energy, and my appetite is back, my acne has cleared up and I no longer have red face. I am starting to feel more and more movement — though it still feels like slithering. No definitive movement yet where I can say “OH that was a kick” or “elbow attack!”

I had an appointment last week with the NP, and she gave me a prescription for tylenol with codeine should I have another really bad headache attack like I did at camping two weeks ago. Cool, it’s nice to have something extra in the arsenal. She also confirmed that I have the most tilted cervix that she has ever seen and had to deal with. (I felt it was only right to warn her, and to save myself discomfort from them underestimating it). The heartbeat was in the 150′s, and t
he size of my uterus is apparently right on target (up past the navel!). I also got blood work done for the quad screening and now am totally regretting it. I am just deathly afraid that I am going to get a call that something is wrong and they want more tests….she said that they wouldn’t call unless there are problems. I don’t think I like this approach. I want to know whether or not things are fine … I didn’t say anything at the time because then I wasn’t as worried as I am now. At the same time, I am not going to call and pester them because that would cause me extra anxiety. Dr. Google says that most people get their results within a week, so …. I can stop worrying on Friday.

Right. Stop worrying. Ha ha ha.

We get to find out whether or not Bacon Bit has He bits or She bits on June 29th between 4-5!! I hope Bacon Bit isn’t shy (and that everything on the ultrasound looks perfectly normal and healthy).

So…who wants to take a guess as to whether or not it’s a boy or a girl? I’d love to hear them! (Click on banner to enter your guess)

———–The Rest of the Weekend

The rest of the weekend was spent as such:

-playing lots of Star Wars Legos
-watched The Departed and Dead Man’s Chest (we liked The Departed)
-weeded, tilled and planted a wildflower garden in my garden
-plants begonias and some kind of purple flower from Chuck and Kathleen’s wedding reception (They were favors)
-Tried five different kinds of Gellato at Crazy Cat cafe (Cake Batter was our favorite)
-cleaned my new lawn chairs and hosed down the patio
-read the Sunday paper
-washed a few dishes and put some clothes away
-tie dyed some stuff
-walked the dog
-went for an 8 mile bike ride (I followed Tim on his skates)

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