Okay a few updates.

One, my Mom is home again and doing well. They think it was a combination of too many prescription drugs…but mostly it was an anti-smoking drug call Chantix. If you read the little script regarding side effects, you’ll see that it fits the bill. In any case, aside from complaining to me about her entire experience at the hospital (yeah Mom, you didn’t want to go, you didn’t know you were there for three days, and they saved your life and yet …those bastards have crappy food and made you have oxygen in your nose the entire eight days, and almost wouldn’t let you go home after they had completely unclogged the stents in your heart from the heart attack five years ago…AND added a new one). *sigh*

She told me she hadn’t taken a whiz for TWO WEEKS! She hates going to the doctor that much. Aside from this last month she has taken no real steps in doing anything about her health pretty much for the last 20 years. Quitting smoking for a month isn’t going to erase a lifetime of bad habits. Gah, enough on that. She is at home, I am annoyed with her and all is well and as it should be. :D

She totally guessed the gender too, and told me how she just “knew.”

Yesterday I celebrated our good news and went shopping for some maternity clothes. I have some clothes from friends but the few shirts I have are way too big — meant for later on. I needed something for now that looked nice, would have room to grow and short sleeved. I headed to the mall and two and half hours later emerged with 6 shirts, 1 cami, four pairs of underwear, and two bras. All for great prices (except, well underwear always seems to be so damn expensive). I wore one of the shirts today, but really it’s still more of a coverup shirt than one of those that emphasize everything. I have a few of those and still need the guts to wear them. I’m sure that will come in the next few weeks when the belly gets really round and not just overly chubby. ;)

I started a new crochet project, making a heirloom, popcorn type blanket for a friend. I watched the Bourne Supremacy while figuring out the pattern. It’s coming along! I am so proud of myself for figuring out how to 1. read another crochet pattern and 2. learn the popcorn stitch.

Ahh I have the day off tomorrow. Thank goodness. I need to clean the living room STAT! Oh crap, I need to clean the basement work area right away in the morning. We have a HVAC person coming tomorrow to tune up. Right now there is dirty laundry everywhere. The DH get’s a discount because he works at an energy company (it’s their service). Cool.

Lastly, before I sign off to go to bed and read another chapter of Waiting for Daisy (another Infertility book), we booked our vacation! We waited until after the results of the ultrasound and word that my Mom was going home in case anything rotten were to happen. Well nothing did — so now we are going to Portland, ME for the second week of August! We have never been there, and it’s only my second time going to the East Coast ever. We are really looking forward to it, especially since the next vacation probably won’t be until Bacon Bit is … older…old enough to stay with the grandparents while we check out France. Or you know, maybe we will be the kind of people that don’t trust anyone to even look at Bacon Bit without passing a series of standardized tests first.

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