I saw the House of Sand and Fog this morning and hated it. Seriously, it was almost a waste of my time, thank goodness I have a crochet project going on and finished a square otherwise it would have been a total waste. Sheesh. Moral of th story? Check your effin’ mail spoiled girl.

Yeah. Now I am in a bad mood because I had corrected my credit card information for my domain (when I got the new cards) and I got a notice today telling me my account was now overdue by 12 days! Fuck! I rechecked it and the information is correct. I hate billing error’s and I hate having to wait around and see if it will resolve itself, but more importantly why didn’t it work in the first place? Sigh. Now I am going to be worried about this for awhile. We cut our credit cards down to only one (maybe two) and I am completely unwilling to give anything online our debit/credit card information. It sucks because I know the card works, it has been working all freaking week!


Now the dog is making me annoyed. Tim is mowing the lawn and he has gotten into desperation whining (separation anxiety). In addition to that, whenever he lays on the couch now he has to put his paws on me somehow. That is no small thing when your dog is a greyhound and weighs 80 pounds. These bad habits are new and I don’t like them one bit. Anxious and pushy dogs are never a good thing.

I also have a smidgen of a headache. I took some tylenol right away to ward it off. Maybe I need to put in some contacts, get dressed and get out of the house for awhile. But to do what? I don’t know. If I knew I wouldn’t be here complaining and feeling worse by the minute.

What I do know, is I think I am in a bad mood now and would like to get out of it.

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